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Release 2/15/2012
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  • farmdawgnation
Ole mattfeury didn't put out any release notes about the deploy we did today, so I decided to. :P - Some styling fixes from master darthsid. - We now consistently refer to Fan Testimonials as "Fan Testimonials". In some places we were using "Fan Message", and other things of that nature. We no longer do that. - Released some tweaks to the landing page, including an new Press item where we were mentioned by TIME and some new verbiage on the homepage. (Some of you will see it, some won't.) - Fixed a bug where someone else's avatar might appear on your settings page. - Fixed a bug that caused a bunch of error messages in the Javascript error console (if you don't know what that is - then don't worry about it). As always, let us know if we broke something, you still see any of the above mentioned bugs, or you see a giant meteor in the sky headed towards us.
  • TranceNova
Is it just me or is the site going slower since the restart? (it could be just me.. my internet is moody). And oh hey there's this meteor...

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