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If a person ingests methanol (which is a very poisonous by-product), they can be treated with ethanol. Why is it so ?? [competitive inhibitor, because of the similar shape?]

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Donno know. But heard that a person who consumes methanol dies soon.
Methanol is more harmful than ethanol.
The molecules are similar in shape as you suggest. Methanol gets changed to toxic molecules by the actions of two enzymes:alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and aldehyde dehydrogenase. Treatment with ethanol gives ADH lots to do so less of the methanol gets converted; instead most is excreted via the kidneys, reducing the damage. Reminds me of "Copperhead Road" a great song by Steve Earle.

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Other answers:

but i have a doubt that mostly fruit juice also contain methanol which we consume in our daily life then why doctor still say to have juice in our diet ..
An interesting and important example of competitive substrate inhibition is the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase (ALD) in the presence of ethanol and methanol. If a person ingests methanol, ALD will convert it to form formaldehyde and then formate which causes blindness. Consequently, the treatment involves intravenously injecting ethanol (which is metabolized at a slower rate than methanol) at a controlled rate to tie up ALD to slow the metabolism of methanol-to-formaldehyde-to-formulate so that the kidneys have time to filter out the methanol which is then excreted in the urine. With this treatment blindness is avoided.
Which juice contains methanol for example? I have heard that wines and all brands of liquor can contain methanol.
well every fruit contains methanol
Ohhhhhh!!!!! Then we should have died long back. How do humans resist such a dangerous substance?
Hi Heena, I don't really know the answer to your question, but I recently attended a lecture by an analytic chemist. It was amazing the number of "deadly" chemicals found in everyday items such as fruit. The simple fact is the concentration of these things is so low that they do not trouble our bodies at all. It is only when these thigns are ingested in high quantities that they are harmful. Hope this helps!
Maybe they r needed to counter other harmful substances in our body and maintain a balance.

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