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How are robots built? What is the idea behind the basic circuitry and electronics? And what else do i need to know before making a very basic robot? Need some good links and ideas :D

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Hmm... You should know some basic electronics (how transistors work, DC motors, resistors, H-bride, microcontrollers, etc. ), you should also know how to program a microcontroller, this is what gives the robot a brain. You should know how to solder and you should be able to construct simple stuff like the base of a robot or something. That's pretty much what you should Google for, the rest you will find out in the process of making one.
To properly program the microcontroller, you'll need intimate knowledge of transfer functions and how they apply to physical systems. Do a search for "Dynamics Systems and Controls"
Ok, here is what i have collected from the Workshop transcript, google and you guys. Basic electronics transistors dc motors resistors sensors Not so Basic H bridge Microcontroller And then i guess the assembling using a kit, programming and there is this term Line tracking with AVR microcontroller. I have googled some of the stuff, and am looking at more but i'd appriciate if there were some good video that would demonstrate all of the above :) Thanks gogind and eashmore.

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Other answers:

Those should be sufficient to built a simple robot. The tricky part is translating, say the output from a joystick, through the microcontroller, to an output DC voltage to the motors. I would imagine a large part of this is done already for you in the kit. I hate to be pessimistic, but without a kit, what you're attempting to do is a large part of mechanical and electrical engineering curriculum. Good luck. As always, if you run into problems while assembling or programming. Stop by. We are always glad to help.
Ohh, that is why they will give the kit for teaching us and then take it back :( i feel scammed lol
I would suggest you look into a development board called Arduino. It is fairly easy to use it and program it, and there's a huge community of users so there's a lot of tutorials online. Link:
Ok guys, done with the first day, it was exciting. It helped me get the big picture about these circuits, and understand what exactly microcontrollers and microprocessors are, its very exciting stuff. Then how are they programmed, me being the only one from computer science in my group got the job by default. We are using AVR ATMEGA 8, and have to write the Line following program which will be tested tomorrow plus they will cover H bridge and motors. Here is the picture of the chip. P.S One thing i would like to know, there was no joystick given to us, how does that work? And are the chips we use in smartphones really microcontrollers? Like is the a4 apple chip a microcontroller?
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Arduino looks great :D
I can understand your posts better now eashmore :D
A4 is a microprocessor. Microcontroller is like a small computer, it has a CPU, ROM, RAM, I/O pins etc. Before microcontrollers were invented people had to buy a microprocessor chip, a ROM chip, RAM chip seperatly and connect them all together to do the same job you can do with microcontrollers these days. As you can see a microcontroller is just a bunch a stuff integrated into a single chip. You don't need a joystick to make a program that will follow a line. You could maybe use 4 opto-sensors for the detection of the line itself. Or something else you are given to detect a line, but it's probably optical sensors
I meant 4 photo-resistor, not opto-sensors
Oh ok, definitly i need to read more on microprocessors and controllers. Yeah maybe thats why there is no joystick, but i was wondering that because as eashmore said it is somewhat tricky to translate output from joystick to microcontroller. Yeah there are 2 photo sensors in the kit too, we attached them out in front, the blue ones are the circuit elements. Anyways i am looking for a line following algorithm in embedded C, and will hopefully find or write the program.
Yea you can do it with the 2 of them. Just try some stuff out I'm sure you can write it :D
Yeah :)
The joystick would represent controlling a more complex robot. In this case, it sounds like you are designing a simple vehicle that can follow a line painted on the floor. The connection between the optical sensors and the motors is simpler as not a great deal of precision is required.
Hey guys, check this out :)
Ah yes, I've read about these on hackaday some time ago. They are amazing!
Indeed :D

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