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I thought to multiply the first row with 1/3...|dw:1329578934017:dw|
that would be a good idea angela :D
i can make the first element in the second row 0 but i can't go further :(

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Other answers:

what's r? reduced row echelon?
idk wht u call it...i'm asking for the range
why? multiply the first row with -4 and add to the third row to get 0 under
colA is the range of a matrix A right?
row reduce to determine your pivot points; and all columns with a pivot point define colA
I'm sorry i don't get it..wht is colA???
as far as I can tell, thats the american version of range of a matrix
can you type in the rows? a b c d e f g h like that cause its hard to read .... well, nenands is a bit clearer
your matrix I believe will simplify to 3 linearly independant column vectors; or less. that will tell us the range or span
:O:O:O:O How nenad?????? in the example my teacher has solved she has had the elements of the diagonal =1 :O
has made***
turning it into row reduced is extra work becasue the pivots dont change
no Angela I'm sure this is the's quite you know the procedure to get the rank of the matrix?
i know the theory but i don't know how to use tht in practice -_-
how did u know u should have changed R1with R3???
well this is how you start...first you take a look at the first element of the matrix (first row and the first column)....if it's different from zero then you call it ''the pivot''. OK? Now you make zeros under that first pivot using muliplication with some number and adding to the row below....that's how you make the zeros under the first pivot. Then you look for another follow the main diagonal and if it's different from zero then it's a second pivot and you make zeros under that continue with this procedure until you're finished....the final rank is the number of elements on the main diagonal different from zero, so the number of this case I have three pivots so the rank is 3
Hmmmm.....ok thanks guys :):)
>> rank([3 6 9 3;2 -5 3 0;4 -10 10 4]) ans = 3
Matlab says it's 3 also so your teacher is tripping :D
I'm really hopeless...:(:( thank you very much :) both of u :)
angela don't go...I can show you some examples so you can learn the procedure? I can give you some matrix and we'll work on it together OK?
yes yes yes :)
ok here is one for begining:|dw:1329580248289:dw|
now tell me what is the first element of this matrix and is it different from zero?
since the first element f the matrix is 1 then the first element of R2 must be 0???
is the rank 1?? O.o
OK it's that is the first do some operations to make 0 under that 1....the easiest way is to multiply the first row with -3 and to the second row...draw that so I can see OK?
that's since you made zero under that 1, the next step is to look for the next pivot(element different from zero) on the main's number you have to make zeros under that pivot...but since there are no more elements under that -2 the transformations are done and now you can read the rank of the matrix....the rank is the number of row where at least one element is different from zero, or you can count the number of pivots(elements on the main diagonal different from zero) what is the rank?
*Clicks on question thinking it's about the matrix* DANGIT
number of rows*
so the range is 2???
correct Angela!!! :D just to be clear here in Serbia we call it rang, but I read this material from the American matematicians and I'm sure they use the term ''rank''
haha :) can we work on some more examples pleaseeeee
of course....check this one:|dw:1329580900431:dw|
yes :D
no...we must make a deal's very important the way you make can't do it anyway you want...first you make the zeros under that 1. So multiply the first row with -2 and add to the second the third row you already have zero so you don't touch that third row OK.? draw again...:D
no way :(:(|dw:1329581327917:dw|
great it's correct now what is the next pivot you see?
that's my make zeros under that pivot....
xD just a abt R1-2R3???
tht won't work will it???
you don't touch the first row made zeros under the first pivot, so you now operate with the second row....for example multiply the second pivot with -1/5 and add to the third row...
what is the third pivot now?
5??? but there's no 0 under it O.o
that's right....that means no more transformations with the matrix so what is the rank?
ur a genius xD :) Can i borrow ur brain???????
wait we must do one more :D
sure :)))
haha :D
how abt R1-2R3???
no problem :D OK Angela what is the first number you see?
OMG wait.... will i be the stupid girl who didn't get a single thing? :O:O:O
OK I hope we both agree that is unconvenient to perform ''zero making'' under that one of the possibilities is to exchange the first and the third column because the third column is filled with ''beautiful numbers '' for addition, multiplication etc do it
i was just going to ask if we could change C3 with C1 :)
now you work and I watch....:D
ahhhhaaaa...i just wanted ur confirmation ;) :P