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what is the actual purpose of computer why we use it.

Computer Science
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I think it would change form persons to person. But i think the purpose is to make calculation and to make our life easier. we can use it for many things including work, school, and personal life (facebook etc.)
Originally computers were created to perform complex calculations that would take a human much longer to perform. In the early days, some calculations would take days and even weeks with those early computers. Today's computers can perform those same calculations nearly instantly. Obviously, the computer has evolved into much more than a calculation machine. Other uses have been found for it's capabilities and most of these are supposed to make our lives easier, but in many instances they do the opposite. This side effect is not necessarily the fault of the computer as much as the software designer, but an example would be the cash register. Cash registers have become much more complex and difficult to operate than the older cash registers that did not have scanners, data bases, scales, and other devices attached to them. Operated properly they are very efficient, but not necessarily easier to operate. The checkout process can be slowed down by a novice cashier when compared to the speed of an old cash register operated by a cashier with similar skills. However, many the things that the modern counter part does (make entries to the database, etc) have to be done separately and often by another employee.

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so people can ask questions like the one you did.
@ LloydRaynes what do you want to say? It actually didn't get it.

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