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Using physics concept, explain the use of suitable equipments and techniques for an archer to improve their performance. It should include : 1. Mass of the arrow 2. Shape of the arror 3.Elasticity of the bowstring 4. Strength of the boy 5. Position of the aiming arrow compared to the centre of the target board.

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the entire mass of the arrow is concentrated on its centre of mass(tracing its movement gives us an idea of the movement of arrow) as we have gravity acting in the downward direction, the angle at which the arrow should be placed with the horizontal shud be calculated as shown here |dw:1330429179250:dw| know the range measure it and u can fix the definite position of where the arrow lands IN USUAL CASES THE ANGLE WONT BE THAT BIG BUT TO APPRECIATE THE BEAUTY I HAVE ENLARGED THE ANGLE AND THE HEIGHT UPTO WHICH THE ARROW RISES u can also make the arrow pointed to avoid torque during its motion(or ekse the arrow may hit the board but might not stick to it the strenght of boy again is determined by velocity u he gives the arrow u can also choose a material making the arrow thin as for the bow, u can use a string with good young's modulus so that it does not break easily and is able to bear the strain produced
Thanks but do the mass of the arrow be heavy or light? I thought it would be light so that the velocity can be higher but I can be wrong.
we have to remember that we have resistive forces operating on the arrow(air) so when we make it too light the air resistive force may change the path of the arrow so it can be heavy but again conditions do apply but it would be better to opt for a slightly moderate weight

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