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can anyone translate this news article into feature article?PLEASE: Servants Day Saving the earth is a great idea especially when you’re planting trees but why not to interpret this advocacy into dancing? Last February 24, 2012 we celebrate the National Service Training Program (NSTP) Day for the students who took Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS). First, there where street dance which a lot of students joined that started at 8’oclock in the morning. City college of Calamba was their first destination then they proceed to the Boundary between San Jose and San Juan then they go
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continuation: to Bantayan until they got back to LCBA. The students arrived on LCBA at 10:30am. Then the programme starts. After that, they give the students a few minutes to prepare for the dance competition. There were three games that held on the quadrangle. The first game was the Patintero, and the winner to this game was the Group 10 and for the second place was the Group 7. Afterwards, the Chinese garter game was played and the Group 8 was the winner and the Group 3 took the second place. Lastly, the Tumbang Preso game was won by the Group 4 and for the second place was the Group 3. There was also a battle for the best exhibit which the Group 8 was placed on the 5th. Then on the 4th place was the Group 7. The Group 5 took the 3rd place. The Group 4 took the 2nd place and the group that came with the best exhibit is the Group 3. After announcing the winner for that category, the most awaited announcement came up, which is the dance competition. The Group 8 took the 5th place while the Group 9 took the 4th place. And for the 3rd place was the Group 7. The Group 6 was on the 2nd place. Lastly, the champion for the dance competition was the Group 5.

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