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I have an array of 100000 integers in a listed form and don't have commas separating them. what's the easiest way to put commas at the end of each number. example of how the array is listed [1234 234 3654 48356 51235] the numbers are from 1 to 100000 and no number is repeated. i want to place commas at the ends so that it looks like this [1234, 234, 3654, 48356, 5123] do I have to put the commas there manually or there's an easier way cos the array is too huge. :/

Computer Science
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if its php there is str_replace........ it would be better if you tell which programming lanugage are you using
I'm using notepad++ so if you know a shortcut to doing this please let me know, I've already started putting commas there one after the other but it's going to take too much time :/ i don't need a program to do this, I just want the easiest way to put the commas there in the text editor.

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Other answers:

array...i guess
Tell me exactly what it is and what you need Is it an array and you want as a string
it is an array of 100 thousand integers, but there's no comma after each integer so if i write a program to deal with the array, it assumes the array is only the first integer and ignores the rest and actually gives me an error because it expects "]" after the first integer. I need an easier way to put commas after each integer to include them in the array.
[1234 234 3654 48356 51235] is the same as [1234 234 3654 48356 51235] but in arrays, you use commas to separate the objects, not a space, so the program reads the array as an error. i want to put commas so that the array becomes [1234, 234, 3654, 48356, 51235]
Sorry no solution to your problem it is something of a feature of notepad++ you must ask sm'one who know it
but there's too many integers, so i'm only asking for an easier way to put the commas, not sure if you get my point :/
I guess i'm gonna have to do it manually :(
if these are separated by lines, then there's probably a one-liner python solution.
You can probably record a macro (I'm unfamiliar with how it's done in notepad++) that goes after each 'word' (each number); appending a comma to the end.
how do you record a macra? i'm an npp noob
I know of the .join array function but it will only output it in the shell, if only i could do it somewhere i could copy and paste, then i'd do that with ruby and copy all the numbers... :/
try it on :-D
thanks :)
Is \n for new line character? Why'd you used three double quotes?
I used 3 quotes because they allow you to enter multiple lines of data into the string, and they preserve newlines and stuff; maybe the single pair of quotes will be alright too lets try: nope :(
Oh, so what is .join function for and lambda (does it have something to do with lambda calculus you used to talk about a few months back)?
the join method appends the thing to the right of the dot (an empty string in this case) to every element of the iterable on the right of the dot (a list of characters) the lambda keyword creates an anonymous function (really an expression in Python); lambda x, y: z is effectively equivalent to def something(x, y): return z but it won't be called 'something' unless you do something like something = lambda x,y: z I don't think it has anything to do with lambda calculus :-P
appends the object to the left* of the dot... sorry :-P
Ah, Python, the master of scripting languages. I did something similar, but I was trying to extracting values from a column :-) Nice job, agdgdgdgwngo.
Oh I see... thank you agd
also, the join method is recursively applied to the things in the list
it didn't work with my source code cos ideone also see's my array as invalid and gives me an error so i'm using ur python source and replacing the sample array with the actual one to see how it comes out if u don't mind me using it :/
can you post your code?
sure, i clicked on new code so lemme type that out again and give it to you
never mind i'll type it here this one right?
hahaha that is one huge array
won't fit on ideone which is why you got error ther :-D
I'll do it bit by bit :) a couple of 1000's at a time
\[\color{green}{\large{\mathsf{\text{ I hereby declare this thread as the longest thread on OpenStudy!}}}}\]
btw what kind of information is stored in this array?
Population of 100,000 villages in Ghana?
homework... the design and analysis of algorithms I class of stanford's online course, i'm sure u have an idea cos u gave me a link to that program stanford was offering
Oh no I didn't join the course but it's good thing you're following it! Good Luck (y)
i need the array well in place before my program will work, i didn't want to type the commas manually before running the program so... yeah :) my program works fine with other arrays though, i just need to run it on this array which is one heck of a waste of time putting commas..
What do you think would be size of this digit '82586' in bytes? 2?
5 wow, most of the digits are 5 digits in your list or array... mean size must be around 4.8, I guess... 4.8 * 100,000 = 480,000 bits of information on your RAM
lol i'm only saying 5 bits cos i know every number represents a bit... you typed 5 numbers... i presume that to be 5 bits, i don't know for sure but that's what i'll tell anyone who ask's me, from the fair knowledge i have. i won't conclude on that though but yeah :)
but I don't think it works that way, I think RAM stores it in the form of integer and an integer occupies like 2 bytes... so 200,000 bytes of information.
the is online now? :-D thanks for the heads up! so I'm taking MITx's , berkeley's , and stanford's , , and udacity's CS101 and CS373
oh and
Wow agd, so many courses...
I signed up for the crypto class too but i'm not sure i'm enrolling in that :/
actually i signed up for 5 classes but i'm not sure i'm enrolling in all... i have to check my schedule :)
lambda in python and other languages is indeed based on lambda calculus
how far in is CS373?
just use find & replace function of notepad++ (or any other editor has that function too) since it's seperated by new line, you search for "\n" (which means new line) and replace it to ",\n" (comma and new line) and you don't need to bother with programming :D
oh and why algorhitm class didn't announce that they finally starting, i just got email some weeks ago that it will be delayed
notepad++ sounds like Windows to me, wouldn't that make the "newline" "\r\n"?
ah yeah they have carriage return and new line

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