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Sorry, this may have already been answered, but now I can't find that question. How does pinging work? When I type the @ sign, a list pops up, but there are people I know who are not on it. Does it list only those who are currently online?

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Greetings Redwood Girl! The list that pops up shows online people in your current group and people you are a fan of (even if these people are offline). This is mostly due to technical limitations. However, if you know someone and type out their username correctly, they will get pinged, even if they don't show up in the list. Regards, Darthsid
Hmmm, when I tried to ping jagatuba (regarding an APA style question), his name did not show in the popup list, even though I am a fan. I figured that was because he was offline. But his name *ought* to have shown up then?
Yes, if you are a fan of Jagatuba, his name should have shown up in the list after you typed the '@' sign. Are you sure you are a fan? I cannot seem to reproduce this but. I see people I am a fan of in the list, even when they are offline.

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Other answers:

i have been wondering about this myself i see various messages appear on the screen, but then they quickly disappear, never to be seen again not so easy to respond to
Yup. He's in my list, and we use the fan testimonial feature to pass messages when necessary, like a ping.
I just tested it now, while I see he's online, and he comes up in the list now.
BTW, I had a student do that the other day, use the fan testimonial to pass me a question related to a discussion we'd had in a question-answer thread. Maybe OS does need some kind of "inmail" system. Sometimes it's so useful.
Hey @Redwood Girl - love the timing of this point you made. We're actually going to be releasing that functionality very soon. We totally agree with you on the usefulness of that feature - especially as we try and enable people to find people to help them on a consistent basis. For instance, you're the person I know to go to for English/Writing advice ;)
I don't know, pinging @jagatuba works fine for me even if he's offline
Hmmm, today his name *is* displayed in the popup although he's offline. That never happened before. But when I select it, it still comes in as just text, not a link. @jagatuba <---- so I get this, Tomas. Not a link. Is this still a ping, guys? Doesn't look like one to me.
Oh! After I posted, it *became* a link! That never happened before! So, it's working . . . and i just pinged the poor boy. Oooops.
haha, "we're not always on time, but we're always correct" :)
Said in the Dos Equis voice...
lol . . . . I can get behind that! Thanks for the fix. :)
I will assume that's a reference to a commercial?
hey, thank @darthsid @farmdawgnation @mattfeury and @shadowfiend - I'm just the messenger :)
And yes, yes it was
Great voice! Doesn't he do documentaries too? (Thank heavens for youtube ~ whatever did we do without it?)
A. No idea how I spent my time before YouTube - it's just a blank space in my memories. Seemed to be outdoors a lot more though... B. Though he's partly ruined for me - heard an interview with him and he was beyond boring. Very disappointing...
Ah, isn't that always the way? He's just another pretty voice. ;)
“I don't always speak outside of Dos Equis commercials, but when I do, I speak boringly.”
:) Now who's volunteering to be the Old Spice man? C'mon, hop up on that horse . . .
@Redwood Girl As far as I know I have received all your pings whether they showed up as links or not. I say this because you referenced the question regarding APA where the link did not show up, but I got that ping.
Ah, that's good to know . . . I'll have to be careful with that "@" sign. I wasn't using it originally to ping anyone, simply to respond to one individual in a thread. How do these pings work? Where do they show up? For instance, you have used the "@" sign with my alias, and I don't see any kind of notification anywhere, other than the standard one that you had replied in this thread. Or is this one of the issues with two-word user names?
When you get pinged it will show up in your notifications window preceded by a big orange @ symbol. It seems that the ping I used on that last post did not work if all you got was a normal notification. The whole thing still seems a bit buggy at the moment, but I expect the kinks will get worked out. @Redwood Girl See I just pinged you there, but I suspect that you will not get it because you have a space in your name.
Jagatuba is right, there are still some kinks in the system. Specifically that usernames with spaces don't work. We're going to be fixing this by converting spaces to underscores in usernames soon. It should have happened with that release, but it didn't. Heh. I actually started writing the code to do that yesterday, so perhaps this weekend. :)
No, no pings for me as of yet. Thank for letting me know how it works -- sounds great for when we're on line. It's going to be very handy to be able to ping someone we know can help. farmdawg (née "Ducky"), I'm good. When it happens, it happens. I know you've got a lot going on right now, with so many improvements in the works. Good stuff happening!

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