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Release March 13, 2012"See how I can edit Farmdawgnation's question? It's great fun! ;)" -- Matt Feury Could be very handy. - jagatuba

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It's that time again! You know we couldn't leave you for too long without bringing you some new awesomeness, so here you go. - Editing of questions! We've removed the ability for users to delete questions and replaced it with the ability edit questions. - New Code of Conduct! Check it out here: -- @cshalvey will be posting some more stuff about these changes soon. - Mentions now work properly with punctuation. So you can @shadowfiend, and follow it with a comma, and it will work! - First question tags will only display for your first question ever in a group, and we made some performance improvements to how that value is calculated. - The info boxes attached to the chats will now disappear if you click anywhere outside of them. - Tooltips will now move if you try to start entering a testimonial while the tooltip is close to the bottom edge of the page. - The notifications count in the titlebar now works correctly. (YAY!) - Fix a bug where a copy and pasted attachment link would try to load in the right pane (which doesn't work, of course). - Fix a bug where some bad update URLs would cause an infinite loading spinner. - Fix a bug where emptying out content from the equation editor will cause your typing cursor to jump to the reply box. - When you click your username in the header, you are now taken directly to your profile instead of being shown your tooltip. - Fix a bug where the reply preview could be severely delayed. As always, let us know if we broke anything. :)
KNOWN ISSUES: - Using mentions while editing a question will not work yet. We're going to slip that into the next release.
Almost forgot. Some excellent styling fixes courtesy of @darthsid are also in this release.

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Other answers:

Great stuff.
Boom! Even more awesomeness to come tomorrow or the following day. Hope you all can handle all this awesomeness.
Check out our blog post here: which hopefully explains the changes to our Code of Conduct
Im just like O.O
Everyone, you may need to manually copy and paste that link. It seems that our dispatch handling is trying to handle the link to our blog.
Or go to the bottom of the page and click community conduct.
Have a turtle for the neat update (>'_')>囧興
@myininaya - the blog post is a little bit easier to understand.
@SchoolSlacker - THANKS!
@farmdawgnation Oh I see. lol There is a blog.
@farmdawgnation , @darthsid , @shadowfiend great work as always :D:D
@mattfeury awesome work , sorry forgot earlier:(
You guys introduced null posts.
@farmdawgnation Nae Problem
@arcticf0x - Yeah, we just filed that bug. Heh. We'll get it patched by the next release tomorrow or Thursday.
That said, if you see an empty post, report it. It's abuse.
@farmdawgnation Yep! Great job guys. <---- This is so awesome! (And I'm not a person who uses that term lightly.)
I'm so glad you guys have been hard at work introducing more and more awesomeness, but I was wondering when we are going to see some colmness.
lol . . . okay, I'm sorry, that deserves a "like" medal.
Colmness is a rare thing, that must be given in small quantities...
Please everyone, stay 'colm' as we go through this transition...
Cool finally we have edit but sometimes it would be nice to have it on answers too
whhhoaaa, editing.. weeeeee!

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