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Assistive Technology Tips [opens in new window] Instructions Description Instructions Multiple Attempts Not allowed. This Test can only be taken once. Force Completion This Test must be completed now. Test/Survey Status Question 1 The Biosphere contains Answer All of the Earth's plants only All of the Earth's animals only All of the Earth's living organisms All of the Earth's rocks 4 points Question 2 All of the water or water vapor on Earth makes up the Answer Cryosphere Hydrosphere Biosphere Atmosphere 4 points Question 3 The sphere that contains the Earth's crust is the Answer Biosphere Hydrosphere Geosphere Atmosphere 4 points Question 4 Climate can be described as Answer The average weather of a particular place A place's distance from the equator The altitude of a particular place The current conditions in the atmosphere 4 points Question 5 Which of the following statements is an example of climate? Answer It is currently raining in Paris. The average temperature for Miami is 73 degrees. The current temperature in Dallas is 56 degrees. It is sunny in Las Vegas. 4 points Question 6 All of the following describe climate except Answer The average humidity of a place. The average amount of rainfall of a place. The temperature of a place. The average number of sunny days of a place. 4 points Question 7 Which calculation would you not use to describe the climate of a place? Answer Reciprocal temperature Mean Mode Median 4 points Question 8 What is the mean of the following numbers: 5, 7, 4, 4, 5, 4, 6 Answer 35 5 4 6 4 points Question 9 What is the median of the following numbers: 2, 5, 1, 1, 9, 1, 2 Answer 21 3 2 1 4 points Question 10 What is the mode of the following numbers: 5, 7, 4, 4, 5, 4, 6 Answer 35 5 4 6 4 points Question 11 Which of the following affects the climate of an area? Answer A tornado Distance from a large body of water One hot, sunny day A very heavy thunderstorm 4 points Question 12 How does the altitude of a particular area affect its climate? Answer Places with lower altitudes will have colder climates. Places with higher altitudes will have warmer climates. Places with higher altitudes will have colder climates. Altitude does not affect climate. 4 points Question 13 Which of the following places would you expect to have the coldest climate? Answer Hawaii California Florida Alaska 4 points Question 14 The tilt of the Earth on its axis causes Answer The poles to receive more direct sunlight than the equator. The poles to be warmer than the equator. The equator to receive more direct sunlight than the poles. The equator to be colder than the poles. 4 points Question 15 A tropical climate would be ______ and located __________. Answer Cool; near the equator Warm; near the equator Cool; far from the equator Warm; far from the equator 4 points Question 16 A desert would be found in a Answer Tropical climate Mountain area Dry climate Mild climate 4 points Question 17 A place that has warm summers and very cold winters would most likely have what type of climate? Answer Dry climate Mild climate Continental climate Mountain area 4 points Question 18 The greenhouse effect is Answer An unnatural process. Caused by humans polluting the atmosphere. The natural process where the sun's energy is trapped by the atmosphere. Causing global warming. 4 points Question 19 Which of the following is a greenhouse gas? Answer Oxygen Hydrogen Nitrogen Water vapor 4 points Question 20 The greenhouse effect traps the sun's energy on Earth similar to Answer A pot on a hot stove A microwave A space heater in a room A car parked in the sunlight with its windows up 4 points Question 21 Which of the following is not a result of the greenhouse effect? Answer The greenhouse effect keeps the Earth from becoming too cool at night. The greenhouse effect keeps the Earth from becoming too hot during the day. The greenhouse effect is making the Earth too hot to support life. The greenhouse effect makes it possible for the Earth to support life. 4 points Question 22 Which of the following does not protect against flooding? Answer Evacuation Flood Sirens Dams Levees 4 points Question 23 Which of the following is not used to warn against tornadoes? Answer TV Radio Levees Tornado sirens 4 points Question 24 The hole in the ozone layer is bad because Answer The hole allows more UV rays from the sun to reach Earth. The hole allows oxygen to escape the atmosphere. The hole allows meteorites to hit the Earth. The hole allows warmth to escape the Earth. 4 points Question 25 Which of the following is a practical way to protect ourselves against the sun's harmful rays? Answer Only go outside at night Only go outside when it's cloudy Wear sunscreen on sunny days Only wear pants, long sleeve shirts and hats 4 points Save and Submit Links to Test Questions and AnswersRead question 1Read answers for question 1Read question 2Read answers for question 2Read question 3Read answers for question 3Read question 4Read answers for question 4Read question 5Read answers for question 5Read question 6Read answers for question 6Read question 7Read answers for question 7Read question 8Read answers for question 8Read question 9Read answers for question 9Read question 10Read answers for question 10Read question 11Read answers for question 11Read question 12Read answers for question 12Read question 13Read answers for question 13Read question 14Read answers for question 14Read question 15Read answers for question 15Read question 16Read answers for question 16Read question 17Read answers for question 17Read question 18Read answers for question 18Read question 19Read answers for question 19Read question 20Read answers for question 20Read question 21Read answers for question 21Read question 22Read answers for question 22Read question 23Read answers for question 23Read question 24Read answers for question 24Read question 25Read answers for question 25
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