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Release Notes (π, 2012)

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Happy \(\pi \) day folks. The Big Kahuna (Burger): - Private Messaging! You can now send messages to other users. Someone annoying you? Block them, or click Report Abuse to have a moderator take action. - Notifications when users you have fanned come online. - You can block users from fanning you and messaging you. - User online status should be more accurate. - Brand spanking new notifications page with filters to boot. - Notifications text is truncated for long messages. - Make Code of Conduct links a bit more visible and not hidden by chats. - Clean up some code so we hopefully don't go down as much. As always, this is a work in progress :p. - Slightly restyled tooltips. - Links to our blog or uploaded attachments should now load properly. - Properly mark a user as replying if there is a file uploaded. - Properly mark a user as not replying when they cancel a drawing.
Now gimme some medals, ya jabronis!
Great work matt. It is real cute like.

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Other answers:

Now, @mattfeury, you know better than to demand medals :P
The cuteness is ALL MINE!
i gotta say matt..ur little antimatter who is supposed to disagree with u is well agreeing with u...HATS OFF!!!! IM BOWING DOWN RIGHT NOW LITERALLY!!!
now about the gonna have to disgree with u on that!
Feury needs his medals - he gets very little positive reinforcement elsewhere...
it says hermes will be proud when i send a message...?
Hermes smiles upon us all.
lol matt
i disagree
So when you block someone, what does that exactly mean. You block the user from any of your viewing or just the messages?
I think that made sense. lol
Hey @myininaya - the blocking of a user relates to anything to do with messaging, so they could still view and respond to you in questions.
Also they cannot fan you, and consequently cannot write you a testimonial. It's also both ways: You can't fan them or message them.
We're going to see how blocking plays out, and *maybe* extend its functionality.
So if I'm fans with someone I want to block what will happen there?
So If they are fans with me and I block them then they are no longer my fan?
Try blocking me and find out ;)
I can't block moderators lol
Oh, lol. You are correct, they will no longer be your fan, and you will not appear in their list. They won't be able to see you coming online in that list, they might still see you in the group
FYI: there is an issue right now where, after you reply, you cannot send messages. Just refresh the page if you want to. I'm trying to get this fixed in the next few minutes.
Isn't it mean for me to block someone though?
It isn't mean, it is Sith. Seriously, though, blocking isn't mean if the other person deserves it. No user should degrade your experience on this site, and blocking gives you a a way to take action against being harassed, before you go to the mods.
Ok well I think the blocking feature seems nice.
Are the informed they are blocked? (sorry last question I think)
Not when you block them, no. However, if they try to fan or message you, they are told that they've been blocked with extreme prejudice.
Well, ok, except the extreme prejudice part
Ok, the issue was if you hit reply, the send message dialog disappeared forever and ever. That has been fixed. I recommend doing a refresh if you have that problem, but from here on out you should be fine. Cool story, me
cool, private messages also about blocking, can you see chat messages of that person whos blocked?
Great new features! Very nicely done.
Yes, you can still see messages in group chat, questions, and replies from users you have blocked. Blocked users cannot become your fan, write you a testimonial, or send you a message. You will not get notifications if blocked people @ mention you (the question or reply in which you were mentioned will still be highlighted).
its cool thx everyone
@mattfeury @darthsid @farmdawgnation Great work guys as always. Love the new features especially the messaging system. Thank you OpenStudy team:D:D
can u unblock?
of course you can
Finally messaging. Thank you, kudos, you guys are awesome.
Hermes does not exist only god and Jesus.

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