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not really a math problem, but I need to make a graph for math class and I need help with using excel! please help :X (details in next post)

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essentially, I want to draw a graph like this. I've got continuous data (time) on the y axis, and I want to make a sort of scatter plot with the day of the week on the x axis.
but it's also important that I get the x axis to look somewhat like I drew it here (monday, tuesday wednesday on the x axis)

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Other answers:

well there are some things that can go wrong with trying to plot data in excel but if you set it out right you should be okay. Have you tried insert>scatter graph? Also which excel are you using?
looking at this may also help
I think the issue is I'm putting a discrete variable on the x axis. this is what it looks like now
ah right yes, that would have an effect on that, gimme a sec while I open up my excel :P
Thank you so much! I'm pulling my hair out over here :P
I know the feeling :) okay try using a line graph instead of a scatter graph, this will put your days of the week as you have them written on the spreadsheet. This is what the spreadsheet looks like, by the way.
oh, it already is a line graph, apparently.
If I select scatter chart it gives me a bizarre combination of numbers on the x axis that I didn't even input
Also do you have any idea on how to add error bars to this whole mess? I will need them eventually but I guess I can omit them if it's too much hassle.
ah yes, I do know how to get error bars :) while clicked in your chart go to the layout tab, then in the "analysis" section click error bars>more error bar options then in the box that opens click custom and select your error. You will have to calculate it on the sheet - as excel doesn't have a standard error function (standard error is standard deviation over the square root of n).
okay I got your graph in the end :) 1. you're going to have to re-arrange your data (annoying but I can't think of any other way). put it in like in the attachment: (i've just made up some times instead of using yours) 2. make sure you highlight all the numbers when you make the graph and make it a line graph. 3. The graph will have one line in it, just right click on the line or a data point on the line and in the properties turn the line transparent.
1 Attachment
ok, I'll try it now. Thanks so much!
sorry for putting such a giant screenshot in, this one will load faster
1 Attachment
and no worries :)
oh and its not properties, its "format data series", then line colour :)
I think it worked! thanks!
yaaay! :)
One last thing :P since my values are entered as times it won't let me do any simple calculations (like mean or standard deviation) do you know any easy way around this or do I just need to manually convert the cells to a manageable format?
thank you so very much!
yeah you'll have to change it to a manageable format - like decimals
oh poop :P I guess I won't be sleeping tonight after all :P thank you so much for your time, you've really helped me out! :)
no worries, yeah.. I can't think of an easy way to do that. Hope it goes okay!.. I've gotta go too :P

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