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what r the basics 4 designing a program????

Computer Science
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Have you ever written a program?
Well, it will help you enormously if you try and write some simple programs first. Then it will begin to be very clear to you what are some good principles of program design. I can give you some points now, but they actually won't make much sense to you unless you've tried to do something yourself.

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Other answers:

how do we write programes
can u list some simple computer programmes?????
Would you prefer to write programs to run on individual computers or on the web?
if i prefer both can u tell me how 2 do it.........
When a computer writes a web page to answer your request, it's just a program that outputs HTML (HyperText Markup Language) running. The only thing special is that the program MUST first ouput: "Content-type: text/html\r\n\r\n" The backslash stuff is two (technically DOS, but I've never had an issue just using Unix) linefeeds. After that, the program just outputs an HTML document. As a beginning exercise, take a simple webpage that you've written (preferably by hand) and write a program, that when called, writes that same page. Little trick, when writing the program, concentrate on the HTML. Don't worry too much about how the page displays until the HTML is right.
• In a Nutshell 1. Writing a good description of the problem. 2. Breaking down the given problem into small pieces. 3. Turning small pieces into pseudo-code. 4. Deciding the integration mechanism of the pieces. 5. Writing the program for each piece. 6. Integrating all the pieces together.
i did not understand can u explain in detail???????
mominanisar is bang on. anj424242 without actually understanding how a computer program can be written its hard to explain... What i suggest is: 1- pick a computer language (I recommend Java for beginners like myself and you, Python is also a good one to start of with, but Java is better if you ask me for a beginner). 2- i recommend you use the Stanford Online course to learn ( + additional reading from any other source, as that helped me to understand some of the concepts) - you can find the lectures and all the course work here -- 3- A computer program is basically like a flow chart describing ways to accomplish tasks. I think of it as learning to speak a language the computer understand. like you understand english, it understands some other language --- i The way you will often hear it explained is that the computer reads the program like a cooking recipe, it follows the instructions you give it.. Simple programs just follow the recipe line by line... eg. add 2 eggs, beat eggs, put in pan, heat, eat...this in programming terms can be like ... take instruction 1 + combine with instruction 2, take the result and do something with it. (not sure that helped) complex programs on the other hand do not follow down a list, they can can up, down, multitask, skip instructions when not needed etc... Hope that helps... the best way is to really try and start from the ground up.

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