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@darthsid this is what I'm talking about... However I seen it more than once for some...

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for some searches...*
1 Attachment
See that first thingy that came up?

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Other answers:

thats confusing..
What is confusing?
I said some bad things to that sailbaot, something about docks.
something about a sailboat...?
sid talks to sailboats..?
myin i cant find that group...
I can talk to everything, the universe is one, everything inside just changes forms and exchanges atoms.
yea..but how can a sailboat makes its way to a computer and type things so tht u can say bad things to it...
1 Attachment
It is weird that it is in a lot of places
o my..LOL myin i love the name u gave the pic
Oh, this is a bug, thank you!,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=f3dffc7186102169&biw=1366&bih=667
all of them say the same thing!
@farmdawgnation @shadowfiend @mattfeury take a look at this (specifically the attachments) when you get a chance. Googling "openstudy" gives some interesting results. Does it happen for you too?
KC that was at first what I was talking about in the math chat I couldn't get it to come back up Thanks
but guys...something puzzles me
welcome myin
who is sandra?
sandra used to be a pretty active OpenStudy user in our initial days. @chris would remember :)
well..i think i replaced her..
what happened to her?
She still logs on now and then, not as often. She had some good knowledge about how to write facebook apps.
how come i havent met her yet? she could have been my great friend!!
Hah. This looks like a default template problem honestly. Somehow "@sandra" was included as the default placeholder in the templates we use to generate the actual content, in this case as the template where the correct name is replaced when a user is warned. Sorry @sandra that's what you get for being an early adopter :p
wow all this attention for me lol! =). It's ok Chris, I've seen oddities like that before. KC, of course I'll be your friend!
congrats @myininaya you are already a cult! :)
wait a min..i HAVE seen sandra! well, glad to finally meet u!

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