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A community for students.

Hello! I'm doing self education for computer science, and I'm trying to gather some people who are interested in online discussion group. My idea is to use MIT WORLD( or other online seminar videos and meet up once a week to discuss/review about the topic. I think it could be a great way to enhance self learning process as well as having fresh opinion from the world. Please PM me if interested in this! Thanks!

MIT 6.00 Intro Computer Science (OCW)
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I'm interested in the same sort of thing. I'm really enjoying MIT 6.00, and looking forward to starting. I expect that course to have a large online discussion community. Depending upon what you're interested in learning about, that course, and its associated online community, might save you the trouble of creating an online discussion group yourself :) Let us know what you decide on doing next!
um.... I don't know allot, but I want to join and it sounds like a good idea, so, what do I need to join/ know before I join?
Would this be something that would benefit me if I'm brand new to computer science and taking this class to see if I would enjoy it or not? If so then I would love all the help I can get

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Other answers:

I m new here & would like to join u after this month as my exams are near.
is it specifically for MIT 6.00? if yes then I'd like to join.
I would love to be apart of this discussion group
Hello all, thanks you for all your replies! I made this blog to explain about this discussion group. It is still a bit immature since I've been developing the idea and structures, but I think it should be enough to tell you guys what it is. Please leave some comments or any ideas to share! Thanks Here! :) TalkonGlobe
Thank you, not thanks you..:p Just a correction haha.
Oh, and I will make a group on facebook within this week. So that we can communicate better since blog is a bit less effective. ;)
This is awesome. I'm glad so many people have the same idea as me. Has anyone started working on the material yet?

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