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It just keeps happening. I cannot ask a question in any other category without a Script Error popping up. I did some research and this is the only site where the error pops up. I've tried debugging the script notifications, but its completely useless. I don't understand and I can't disable my Java for various reasons. I'm really disappointed about not being able to use the rest of the site if I'm stuck on something. I'm not trying to put the blame on OS, but I don't have any idea what it could be. Help greatly appreciated.

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Hey Lime, we hear you. It's being worked on, promise!
Hey @Lime, sorry you're having issues. Our server is being a bit slow today but I don't think you should be getting any script errors. That's a whole 'nother can of worms entirely. Any of the following information would help: 1) What browser are you using? A version number would be great too, e.g. Chrome 15, Safari 5, etc. 2) What exactly do the script errors say? If you could even get a screenshot and upload it here, that would be really helpful. Thanks for bearing with us. We definitely don't like when stuff like this happens.
Hi Matt, I'm using IE 8 and I have a screenshot right here: Sorry for the trouble. Is it possible I just need another browser?

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Other answers:

Eeek. Yea we are always working to make things smooth on IE8, but it's currently the oldest browser we support and has the worst performance out of all of them. If you're able, I'd highly recommend upgrading. For best experience, I recommend using Google Chrome ( ) or Mozilla Firefox ( ). If you need to stick with IE, IE9 should make things a little better for ya, but not as much as the others. Let me know how it works out! I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with how much faster things'll run :).
Thank you both for the help. I think I will be more comfortable with Google Chrome. I'll let you know if I have any other technical difficulties. Thanks once again! :)
I've been meaning to do a pass on IE8 to make it perform again. We seem to have to give it some love every couple of weeks and waste a week on trying to get it not to suck, but I haven't had time in a while. Thanks for letting us know!
@shadowfiend If you are trying to get IE not to suck, good luck as it is one of the most poorly designed and maintain browsers out there and has been for some time, but I'm sure I'm not telling anything that you don't already know.

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