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1. What is the event(what is happening) of the Cyclopes excerpt from the epic poem "The Odyssey"? (6 points)The men are in a land of tiny creatures who capture and torture them. The men are in a land of giants; one captures them and they escape. The men are taking a pleasure cruise on a ship. 2. This poem is written using which of the following poetic forms? (6 points)couplet oxymoron rhyme couplet and rhyme 3. Who is the speakerof this poem? (6 points)We do not know. Odysseus (Ulysses) an old sailor Homer (the author) 4. The line "The piece I gave amongst my sold
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I am not good at the Odyessey, but when I did read that book, I always looked it up on Sparknotes. Try looking it up on Sparknotes and see if that helps.
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Ok thanks anyway.
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