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Time for another release, 03/21/2012 edition!

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Sorry for the rough deploy folks. It's all in the magic on this fine day, though! - Some new email goodness. Digests are back, and you should get one every week or so. Also our backend implementation got overhauled. - Notably, when we used to send digests, all notification emails would go out after all digests had gone out. This should no longer happen. - Added a new email setting, for us sending occasional emails (e.g., if we want to announce big new features). You'll find those along side your other notification settings. - Mentions now work properly while editing questions. - Display the last time a question was edited. - You can no longer post a question or edit it to be empty. Please report abuse if you see any questions whose content has been removed even though they have good answers. - When editing questions, properly preserve blank lines. - When editing questions, the text is automatically focused and selected. - Small style tweaks to avoid user levels jumping to a different line for superheroes. - Right pane question actions (report abuse, edit, etc) should now be the right size again. - Message actions in the message popup shouldn't wrap. - Fixes to make bans and suspensions immediately effective (there were some issues at times with these until now). As usual, let us know your thoughts, and if anything breaks! ;)
Did you guys changed anything with the default "Remember me" thingi, I was asked to login just now (after a month or so).
Thanks again @shadowfiend and all the Open Study team. @FoolForMath it also happened with me

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Other answers:

Favicon turns orange if there are notifications, thats cool.
@arcticf0x Good catch. We left that out of the notes. It only works in Chrome, FF, or Opera though. Safari and IE don't support changing the icon. :)
Yeah it's cool:D
Yeah, remember me is a bit borked at the moment. We'll be working on a fix.

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