• anonymous
did i get all the apostrophes needed?
  • Stacey Warren - Expert
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  • katieb
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  • anonymous
Have you ever wondered what you'd take out of your house in a burning fire? I have. I've often thought about what I'd save if I could only choose a few items. I think first I'd take the children's pictures my parents have saved since our childhoods. Next, I'd grab my old cigar box. It's filled with all my friends gifts and keepsakes, which are real treasures for me. My parents letters would come with me too, and my dogs comfort items. I couldn't forget my CD collection and my sisters things. She's at college, so she'd be furious if I didn't remember to take her precious items. We'd need food and water, so we'd have the ability to survive, and blankets, first aid kit, and flashlights would be helpful too. We'd put the dog in the car, of course, and the cat, and the four of us. We couldn't forget the Smiths, our neighbors, just in case the fire spread&.Hmmmm. I think we'd need a moving van! Lets just hope we never need to evacuate.
  • anonymous
My parent's letters would come with me too, and my dog's comfort items. *** CD collection and my sister's things**** Let's just hope we never need to evacuate.*****
  • jagatuba
"It's filled with all my friends gifts and keepsakes, which are real treasures for me." In this sentence the word friends needs an apostrophe after the s because friends used in this context is plural possessive meaning more than one friend's gifts; friends' Ov3ra had the right idea about the sentence, "My parents letters would come with me too, and my dogs comfort items." But here too, parents is plural possessive because you are talking about both of your parents not just one and their letters. So the apostrophe goes after the s in parents; parents'. That sentence goes on to mention your dog and his comfort items. This would be singular possessive so the apostrophe goes before the s; dog's. Ov3ra is right about "sister's things" as long as you are only talking about one sister. Finally, Ov3ra is right about "Let's just hope" because "let's" is a contraction of "let us".

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