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For this essay choose one of the stories from Units 1-7 of your literature lessons. Imagine that you are the author of the story and using first person point of view introduce yourself, your story, and state the theme of your story. Then explain how you (as the author) conveyed that theme in your work. Stay true to what you know of the author's personality and beliefs. Be sure to use direct quotes and support from the story to enhance your essay and give it credibility.
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I chose Edgar Allen Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart" is this good for a start? Hello. My name is Edgar Allan Poe. You might know me from my famous, yet appalling stories. Despite the content of my stories, people still learn to appreciate the way I weave certain ideas into the stories and poems I have made. For instance, my story, The-Tell-Tale-Heart. What an incredible story that was. It was themed after how love and hate are two powerful emotions that can effect the choices that you have to make.
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Yes that is an excellent story from a great artist. You have a pretty good start, but there are a couple of errors and a few style snags that, if fixed would make what you have better. First, instead of "appalling", I would use "macabre". This is a word choice issue and you can use a different word or not change it at all if you wish, I just feel that appalling is a bit harsh a word for Poe's stories and it is definitely not a word he would use to describe them. Next, in the very next sentence, the part, ". . . stories and poems I have made" is not quite right. Stories and poems are not made, they are written so change "made" to "written". Also I would not say ". . . people learn to appreciate . . ." Just state it simply, "people appreciate". Then the next sentence, "For instance, my story, The-Tell-Tale-Heart" is a sentence fragment (also the hyphenation should only be between the words "Tell" and "Tale" since it is being used as an adjective). You can easily fix this by combining that sentence with the following two to create a complete and more concise thought and sentence. For example: For instance, my incredible story, The Tell-Tale Heart was themed after how love and hate are two powerful emotions that can effect the choices that you have to make. This new sentence is still clunky and awkward so I would refine it further, like this: For instance, my incredible story, The Tell-Tale Heart told of how two powerful emotions, love and hate, can effect the choices that one might make. This sentence sounds much better, but there is still one more error. The word effect should be affect. The word effect is a condition; "The medication had an ill effect." The word affect means to create a condition; "The medication affected me in a bad way." Effect is a noun unless it is used with a helping verb. Affect is a verb unless the word itself is modified in some way.

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