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How can you put Jesus' teaching on being the Salt and Light of the world into practice today? What are some examples of how we can do that?
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If I were to try attempt this; I would prolly go this route. Light is most valuable to those who are in need of it. When we sit about in the dark, we are unaware of the reality of the things around us, we stumble about in a mist of darkness and confusion. When we want to see where to go, we naturally seek for a source of light to illuminate our path so that not only can we safely navigate a path to our destination; but also so that we can see the things around us for what they truly are. A light is a beacon that can looks towards and find our way. We become a light unto the world by living our lives in accordance to gospel standards so that others can see the effects of it in our lives. Those that desire a similar condition in their lives then have a basis to compare with and make a more informed choice by. When we "say" that we are Christians, but do not live in harmony with the gospels teachings, we muddy the waters and confuse the issue. In order to be a Light unto the world, we have to practice what we preach. When the opportunity to help out comes along, help out. When the opportunity comes along to choose right from wrong, choose the right. When the opportunity to serve God is placed before you, then do that service with a fervor and zeal to honour God; put your shoulder to the wheel and push along, do your duty with a heart filled with song and praise. And in being a Light unto the world, you not only allow people to see how the Gospel changes lives; but also it allows them to taste of the goodness of God - which leads me to the Salt part. Salt, in general, serves a few purposes in our everyday lives. Its importance as a preservative prior to refrigeration was more pronounced back then than it is today. Back then salt was used for a variety of purposes, but what it implied was that of a change taking place from the usual and carnal towards the holy and sacred. Salt produces changes that are beneficial to life. When salt has lost its savor and spoils (it loses its properties to induce change) it becomes rather useless and is literally tossed out and trodden under foot. Our capacity to be Salt unto the world is demonstrated in our interactions with others in that it offers them a glimpse into the beauty and joy that a life in Christ offers. When we live our lives in accordance to Gospel principles, others are able to comprehend the differences between a carnal and temporal life apart from God, and the spiritual and joyful life of living in the presence of God. "O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him" (Psalms 34:8).

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