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The ideas of which famous political thinker are described below? The primary purpose of the state is to protect the rights of the citizen. No government can exist without the consent of the governed. Believed a system of checks and balances was necessary in government. A.Alexis de Tocqueville B.John Locke C.John Stuart Mill D.Thomas Hobbes
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I ♥ History (: john locke and his theology his work formed the basis of the united states constitution and many other modern democratic countries. it also was derived from new sociological and psycological studies of the day wich locke actually made advancements in. he believed humanity was good natured but required some maintenance out of a general amnesty. hence the applliance of a chacks and balnces system within his ideal government model. he also did not believe that a country should be headed by some body personified as a father ruling over a subserviant family due to the negative connotations. **he also idealized and over-glorified the general public(as acredited in the question

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