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After how many months will Rita pay $200 in simple annual interest on a credit card that charges 12% on her $400 balance?

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12% is per year right?
wait what is the monthly payment

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Other answers:

it not given there
i think you gotta use a exponential function dude, look in your notes and post it here.
I = Prt I= interest in dollars P = the amount of money r = the rate t = time 200 = (400)*(0.12)(t) t = 200/(400*0.12) This is just a guess, it's been a long time since I've had to do these problems :-/
And I think time is in years.
Hi Faman! Long time!
hey data!
cuz its gona be 400 times .12 for the first year so the total will be 448 aftier the first year
ok i'll assume you are only paying the interest each month 400*r*t = 200 monthly rate is 1% 4 t = 200 t = 50 months
It seems you're getting a lot of help with this. Its nice to see you again!
so how r u doin? its been a long time, right!
I'm just fine. Loosing some sleep for the sake of math =)
i missed u guys lot, thing is, i was little busy nowaday, tats y i cant come here like b4. :(
NM! I didn't REEEAD the problem :-P
ok no prob lol!
Okay when you solve for t, it's going to be in years. Convert your years into months.
u still need to take care of urself, data.
do u know tat?
Lol he left
lol i still can see him here, weird.
I think he was helping someone factor
no brit told u left, ur here data!
@faman39 I got 50 months for your problem.
but you said I need to take care of myself? I did not understand that
I think she means don't kill yourself over math... oh boy you're gonna have fun in multivariable calculus!
no ur sayin tat ur losin ur sleep for math, tats y .
ahh ok!
ya brit is rite!
pls explain to mee brine!
thank u so much for medals guys.
oh ur asking from brit or me?
I gave him a triple integral problem.
The purpose of them is for finding the volume of a weird shape.
Well the region of integration is a volume.
Yeah mr. technical
hehe sorry =P
mr. snooty math engineer person
what is the meaning of snooty?
uh... pretentious is a close word? j/k though
sorry =(
I'm kidding
@faman39 you'd better make us proud and take calculus!
Ok. I'm going to sleep I'm loosing my mind with this problem.
lol me.
no i m gonna be worst
Omg don't let multi get to you yet! You'd not even in the class LOL Hey I should send you some of the old exams my instructor gave us. I have NO idea how I passed.
@faman39 there are so many resources out there. Like Paul's online notes and TheIntegralCalc's channel. That girl is the best at explaining things.
But ur really brilliant tats y, without knowin anything, lol.
u passed ur exams.
t = 200 * 12 / 48 = 50 mos
Hi chloro.
whats up?

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