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Concerning our 'level of activity', is it considered on the total average, or more like our weekly or daily activity. This because I am really interested in the Ambassador program, but I can only apply after about 6 weeks due to my college entrance-exams (during which period I will be totally inactive on OS and so my activity level here will fall substantially, also since I am a very recent member). (though I know there are a lot more criteria for getting selected) "Pardon the asker if the question was totally stupid." :)

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Wait so explain want to be an ambassador right?
"2 months ago" - see this? My stupid question, when I was OS-wise immature. -_-
O.o oh so u bumped it? idk srry lol

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Other answers:

No I didn't bump it Lol. Guess so few questions in here, it is already at the top :P
Lol, so have u already applied? its been six weeks :P
six weeks? they re-started it already? :O Anyways, any news of the GI program?
what is GI?
G..G..Global Intern!!!
OH!!! srry lol idk bout tht u can ask saif? @saifoo.khan
i heard Global Interns graduated @apoorvk
Yeah they did, @lgbasallote did you miss it? A couple of weeks if I remember correctly, there was a info pop up (the one that appears on the top right) saying the GIs had graduated and "do not forget to congratulate them if you chance to meet". Question of importance - when does it restart?
hmm idk try @saifoo.khan

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