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How can we make open study better ? Each one's contribution , will make a difference. So, SHOUT OUT !!!!!!!!!!!

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Let us hear your's first :)
Open Study , in itself is amazing. Really no words for it. But there are many parameters which should be taken under consideration, thought over and implemented , for making open study a much better place for us all. First parameter , most crucial one , is connectivity. As per my experience , these days , the connectivity is very poor. Buffering indeed makes everyone impatient, and terribly affects the efficiency of "our beloved open study". Second, status update. We all love to update, even a single detail of our lives , and in return comments indeed make our lives interesting ( :p ). So its not that we are leaving our studies behind and going "gaga" over these parameters. Its just that , open study is undoubtedly amazing , but one should always incline towards making things better. Friends, its not been quite a long time that I have been here , so pardon me , if any of my suggestion is not appropriate. And yea , there are many other interesting parameters as well, which here Iam waiting to read. So as I posted earlier , SHOUT OUT. It will indeed make a difference.
I like the status update part, one more step closer to social networking.

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Other answers:

And what about your own opinion ?
I have been here sometime now, and I have and will express my opinion from time to time:)
Sure ! :-)
Buffering affects the efficiency of OpenStudy? Try getting a faster internet connection, there is nothing at OpenStudy that buffers anyway. There is this thing called that allows you to update your status, for free!
we are all hoarse shouting :)
See this post was just meant to know everyone's opinion regarding what all can be done to make open study better. Undoubtedly its amazing place, but then there's no harm in knowing each other's point of view. So please dont be so critical about my suggestions. Buffering and lagging was observed not just by me , but quite a few. And yea my internet works fine. Apart from this , Iam not making any comparison between facebook and open study. Its just my view that "status update" would add a new flavour to open study and would make it more interesting.
don't lose heart. we are all just kidding a bit having some fun (at your expense of-course :D). and we are all so hooked up to OS, that anything that we think can make the whole experience better, definitely does get posted up here. so, no worries on that part. :)
LOL !!!!! I was just clarifying my point . No "losing heart" stuff :p And yea keep posting ! :-)
I have an idea that may seen idiotic, but still u may consider. The best answer can be rewarded with GOLD medal, better answer with SILVER Medal and not-so-satisfactory answer with BRONZE Medal. And yes, instead of conferring titles like Guru, Sensei and all those stuff, the members can award others with online OS degrees like Bachelors, Masters, Phd, MD-Phd, etc. Hope this suits.
Is my idea good enough to be considered?????????????????????
COOOL ! Infact really interesting ! :-)
Really??????? Then please do something so that it is implemented.
Iam not the moderator ! But yea , I hope others also contribute their opinion , and in future , the suggestion would come into action !
Yeah sure, I am hoping for that. Thanks for such a nice question u posted didi. Hope all users see the posts and comment .
Thanks ! :-)
Most welcome didi.

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