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By what number less than 2 must be multiplied so that the last 3 figures on the right end of the product may be 791

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igs hellp man....atleast try
@JamesJ ,@Tomas.A ,@Diyadiya help guys help!!!
help callisto!

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Other answers:

this frm real numbers chapter
oh weak with these things @_@
@Callisto u are the only one with a chance of doin do u know how to do it?
Sorry i don't even understand the question :( what number less than 2 <-- does it mean a single number?
yeah there is some number...its related to HCF AND LCM THROUGH EUCLID'S DIVISION LEMMA
Sorry haven't learnt that :(
Word it right, you worded it so complex.
its a problem in my phase-4 fiitjee package..i gave it to u the way it is worded
but i dont understand answer is 871
oh sry wait its by what number less than 2must be multiplied with 43521.....
i by mistake frgt to mention 43521....:/
Let x be the number, (435*100,000 + 521)*x = adasd...fsh791 So, last digit of x must be 1. The answer is clearly 871, but I did this problem with logic and it's really tough to explain logic unless your communication skills are really impressive. So... I am gonna tag @FoolForMath and @Mr.Math to see if they know some trick or the method you mentioned above.
btw basic multiplication is what I used.
its 43521
not 43500521
(435*1000 + 521)*x = adasd...fsh791
My bad
its 43*1000 +521 or 435*100+21 rite?
435*1000 + 521)=435521
yeah, again my bad :/
oh and u can use any method......
but it doesn't matter, just get the 521 separately and then multiply it my x (the assumed number).|dw:1332944499486:dw|
by* not my ...and sorry for the bad handwriting.
871 is the answer, if you know the one line multiplication then this problem is a 10 seconder ;)
@Ishaan94 what hav u done in the diagram can u post a normal reply the diagram is very messy so i cant understand anythin.................. I already told you, it's hard to explain. I don't wanna word it out.
@King , see my answer below. Hope u understand.
Please check the attached document. Hope u r clear now.
1 Attachment
Thnx @Aadarsh!!
Most welcome.

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