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what will happen if we enter a cell nucleus to an other cell?

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i dont get the mean of asking this qn as if u enter other nucleuos so firt first tell me in wat repect r u looking for can u be more specific..
The cell functions may change, resulting in collapsing of cellular metabolism.
But I think there won't be any change if you insert a nucleus of the same type.

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Other answers:

firstly the process of taking out a nucleus of a cell is really very difficult but never mind if you do that then either a reaction will take place that will destroy whole labrotary ur using!!
the process of taking out a nucleus is not the most difficult thing, but one needs very specialized equipment. If you take the nucleus of a cell and replace it with the nucleus of anther kind of cell, what will happen is that this cell will perform the functions of the new nucleus.
@Rohangrr I think you're thinking about Atoms
Taking a nucleus out of a cell is ten minutes of work with a micropipettor.
It is simply known as cloning. The nucleus will undergo reprogramming. It will function as similar to previous nucleus. like if its kidney cell then nucleus will program to become like kidney cell nucleus. Its super comlex process. Its is called as nuclear reprogramming. One of the hottest area pf research.
I agree with adeshshendge that cloning involves taking a nucleus out of a cell and putting it into another. I would like to add that the cell required for cloning an organism is the ovum or egg. Researchers in Scotland created Dolly the Sheep by adding the nucleus from an udder cell to an egg and after applying an electric current the blastocyst (early form of embryo) formed and transplanted into a pseudopregnant ewe. Mostly this process didn't work but after 277 attempts resulted in 29 embryos, one of which grew into a sheep. I guess the importnat thing about this and earlier experiments by Gurdon was to show that the nucleus could be reprogrammed to allow development of all cell types.

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