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RELEASE 03/29/2012. (when-i-bump-you-bump-we-bump)

OpenStudy Feedback
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WHOAAAA. It's a big one this time folks. That deploy took awhile. It took approx. 9 NPITs, which is the number of versions of Salt N Peppa's "Push It" we went through during the deploy. NOW! Onto the release notes... BUGFIXES * Spaces have been removed from usernames and replaces with underscores. This was supposed to be done awhile back. * You can now manually close a notification popup instead of having to wait for it to disappear on its own. * We should now properly remember logins again between server reboots and sessions expiring. * Add a "Return to Group" link if you land on a "Question not Found" list. * We fixed a bug that would cause massive delays in our email pipeline. So, now emails and digests should be coming through more reliably. * Reply notifications should now correctly reflect the content of edited questions. * Tooltips are now positioned correctly on profile pages. * Avatar decorations should now be working properly in Chrome and Safari again. We were seeing some edge cases where they would fail, so if you see them disappear still let us know. * The notification count in the title should now be working properly again. * Database optimizations for some slowness. * Browser performance enhancements all around: We upgraded to the Knockout 2.1 beta in this release, which has a lot of performance enhancements. Should make the site smoother overall. * Fix a bug that could cause everyone to appear as a group moderator in a group. NEW FEATURE: IE 8 WORKS AGAIN We pulled IE 8 aside after class, gave it a stern talking to about these Slow Script warnings, and it has now agreed to behave once again. You should no longer see the Slow Script warnings… for now… NEW FEATURE: PRIVACY SETTINGS FOR DIRECT MESSAGES We've added privacy settings for direct messages. You can access them by clicking "Settings" in the header, then clicking "Notification Setting" under your avatar. You'll have the option to receive direct messages from everyone, only people your a fan of, or nobody. Do keep in mind though that moderators can always send you a direct message. ;) NEW FEATURE: ONE QUESTION AT A TIME We've introduced a new concept of open and closed questions, and you're only allowed to have one open question at a time in each group. The questions list to the left will only display open questions by default. You can, of course, click the "Closed Questions" filter to view all of the closed questions. Before you can ask a new question, you'll need to close the first question. If you're interested in why we made this change, you can check out the blog post about it here: NEW FEATURE: BUMP QUESTION One of the downsides to having so many awesome users is that it is easy to feel like you've gotten lost in the crowd. So, along with One Question at a Time, we've added the ability to bump your question. There's a timed delay in bumping questions, so you'll have the option to bump the question the first time after five minutes.
We're sorting out a small issue with the OpenStudy Feedback chat atm guys.

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Other answers:

so, you can close your own question and ask another one ?
i see that i can close someone elses question, is that a mod thing or just a fluke?
@amistre64 Mods are supposed to be able to close other's questions. But please don't close release notes.
lol, i take it this was a release not :)
if you give me an open button i can try to open it back up ...
I opened it in the database. Refresh the page. ;)
oooo, its like black magic ;) thnx
Bumps all around.
@satellite73 - You'll notice that messaging feature you asked for ;)
Amazing work all the Moderators!! :)) Thank you! just asking if the the problem with the drawing tool in which a certain portion towards right of an actual diagram does not get included in the answer, has been "shot".. |dw:1333058985469:dw|
oops.. i had drawn a double arrow.. the right one isnt there. anyways thanks again, wonderful features!!
i think the drawing window is effected by zoom
1 Attachment
Well open/closed is probably good for math group but for others I don't know, you may wait few days to get an answer, especially if it's complicated question and it means you can't post new ones and if you close it you may never get answer.
Great stuff guys, thanks for the new awesomeness :D
But people can still reply to closed questions right? Or are they locked for good?
closed questions just seem to be in a separate grouping
i always worked with the "all questions" sort, which is no linger an option with this release
That’s a smart new feature! Thanks But there’s one problem – If there’s a really good question that’s already been answered and closed, you won’t be able to see it if you come later. Which means I can’t see the good questions that were asked and answered while I was asleep!
Oh I didn't notice that there's a tab for Closed Questions. sorry!
You guys pwn'd it once again.
Thanks for the feedback everyone, let us know what you think (good and bad). We've got thick skins ;)
Hey @Luis_Rivera - this work for you?
Awesome - and thank @farmdawgnation @mattfeury @shadowfiend and @darthsid I am merely the messenger of their greatness ;)
It'd be cool if you could search the closed question to see if your question has already been asked..
Yes. That would be cool. And I'll mention it one more time since it is related. It would be nice to be able to bookmark certain questions for further reference.
We are definitely interested in bookmarking/favoriting questions, it's just behind a bunch of other stuff. Search is… Way behind :p
56 medals in one question. That HAS to be a record!
Yeah I wonder what the question with the most medals is?
more than 100..
Thanks Mods
\(\color{#0cbb34}{\text{Originally Posted by}}\) @shadowfiend We are definitely interested in bookmarking/favoriting questions, it's just behind a bunch of other stuff. Search is… Way behind :p \(\color{#0cbb34}{\text{End of Quote}}\) Yea, never was made... I ended up making them, mean cummon the search was easy xD
Easy enough rather ._.

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