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Why did Russia pick Cuba?

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russia pick cuba because it was the nearest base (military base)to america and this could give russia an upper hand if any attack fromamerica.this was during the cold war time..
True but did castro have a choice is the thing i mean even during the Cold War?
castro had choice but ,at that time america should have played a main role in attracting cuba and castro towards itself by providing help to cuba in every way during the cold war time..

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Other answers:

I guess but still
Castro is a man who was greedy but why hate us?
each man and country has it's own reasons to be a friend and an enemy.but now i think the problem are been sloved....
i think you are satisfied with my answer my friend....zacharyf
When castro took over cuba, there were lots of U.S. business interests at risk (america controlled all the major industries - sugar, tobacco, mining, etc.) castro offered to buy the companies at face value (he didn't want foriegn interests in latin america anymore since we kinda screwed them over) but the america rejected his offer, so he nationalized the businesses. castro then asked the U.S. for loans to rebuild/modernized, but the u.s. said no, so he turned to the soviets and they said no problem. so that's why castro hated the u.s. and the alliance (if you can call it that) between cuba and the soviet union started!
There were plenty or questions of this by historians , some say it was a test by russia to check on kennedy's strength , to trap usa into a nuclear war but mostly to get an upper hand militarily
but still if it weren't for cuba and use knowing about it castro could of moved to mexico

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