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Don Price bought a $70,000 house. He rents the house for $900 per month. He has $700 in monthly expenses. (1) What is the amount of the annual rent?

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lol!:) Do you know Jesus?
Why would you ask that question for?

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Other answers:

That's not even funny man
Becuase benice asked wwjd. That stands for what would Jesus do. :)
He would probably sort out the unimportant information, and answer the question.
Its his own question @AnimalAin
What information given in the problem is important, and what isn't?
That's to funny! I'm sorry for the confusion. :) So I still don't understand the process...?
Can someone just answer his question? Poor guy. the responders are not even talking about what he is asking
The question is about the rent. Which of the three numbers in the question is about the rent?
He's bored
Thank you kk1022. :)
AnimalAin answer is the one I would put my faith in
I'm not bored. I have a question. I was just commenting on what benice said. There is nothing wrong with that.
So can anybody explan? :)
Did you read my posts above?
The question is about the rent. Which of the three numbers in the question is about the rent? umm.. 70,000, 900, and 700
the question is asking simple what is the annual rent ..... the other figures are there to test your beliefs
You are not reading very carefully. Only one of the numbers is about the rent. Which one?
well said benice
Um... He rents his house for 900 a month.
How many months in a year?
You multiply 900 by 12
Well, we now have two numbers, 900 and 12. What do you suppose we ought to do with them?
So the answer is.....
Don't forget the dollar sign.
$10.800. :) The second part to the question was What is the ammount of the annual expenses?
I didnt mean to write a decimal I meant a comma. :)
OK, the pattern of this problem is very similar to the one we just did. What are you going to do?
not sure..
A minute ago we were concerned with the rent. Now we are concerned with the expenses. Which number in the problem is concerned with expenses?
How many months of the year does he have those expenses?
So what do you do?
You would multiply 700 by 12.
and then you get $8,400
What is the rate of income to the nearest tenth of a percent?
@AnimalAin, such a good teacher
I agree! The best on here I've had so far. :)
Not sure about the intent of the question. Is that exactly the way it's worded?
Yes that was the third part. I says, What is his rate of income to the nearest tenth of a percent.
This is business math
The investment is $70,000. The net income (rent less expenses) is $200 a month, or $2400 a year. So the percentage would be\[\frac{2400}{70000}\approx 3.4~percent\]
Although, I'm not certain that is exactly the way your teacher or the author of the text would figure it.
Alright that really helped! Thank you! Thank you for actually taking the time to explain that to me so I can memorize the process to apply to other similar problems. :)
No sweat.

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