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I need help rewording the last part of my sentence starting at "create". Media has a huge impact on just about everybody's lives, and those affected by the trends often create a totally different person then who they really are. Thank You!

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Well, rewriting this sentence really requires having the entire paragraph into which it fits, as the overall context always affects each individual sentence. Completely in isolation of any other sentence, I might do something like this -- Media has a significant effect on the lives of us all, and those most influenced by the trends often then reshape themselves into entirely different persons. But that reflects my style of writing.
Thank You so much!! Do you mind if I use some of that sentence in my paper?
No, not at all. Since you're learning, I think that's entirely appropriate. Try similar tightening and shaping with your other sentences. You might post those attempts here as well.

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Other answers:

When I was in school (well not high school, but college), I had a teacher who taught us to analyze sentence structure and then to write sentences of our own using various structures. He had us analyze sentences from famous works and the imitate them. I learned a lot from him, and I know that he was applying old school techniques. Does anything like that happen now in English classes that you've seen? I should run a poll. It's such a great way to learn how to write, and I wonder whether it's come back into fashion anywhere.
I actually have never heard of this or experienced that in an English Class but it seems like a great way to write well structured sentences!
It is. That was a great prof. I learned so much about writing in his classes. So much of high school felt like treading water and never getting anywhere. College is not at all like that. At any rate, good luck on your paper or whatever. Catch you later . . .

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