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The nature of mankind: Does everyone have the forces of good and bad within them? ... what you think and can you give some examples just to get a better idea and stronger point of view. =D
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This is a difficult question to answer without any context to interpret. We have no idea about the moral or ethical atmosphere to which we are addressing our answer and we cannot entertain the idea of absolute morals because even the most benevolent of situations or actions could be horrifically evil to certain spectators. Though, down to the bones, is there really an intrinsically "good" or "bad" behavior? In one context, you're helping an old woman across the street, in another you're preventing an old and therefore nonproductive member of society to use its resources. From a neutral perspective this is a legitimate statement though morals have taught you that the "right" choice is not survival but longevity, which we seek together rather than competitively. Many think that the true nature of man is self-destructive but I reject that as fatalism in the presence of something we have trouble controlling. Underneath the structures which allow us to express highly refined emotions and thoughts there is still the base brain that guided territorial, aggressive, irrational humans to the point we are at now. Assuming that those regions of the brain no longer function is an error committed freely yet this is where the suspicious, abhorrent feelings and actions manifest themselves. Most of the time we prove to be the masters of the dark part of our brain but often the suggestion is too slight to pick up on. We cannot see when we are not 'acting human' and so we condemn all negative behavior as inherent to humanity itself, rather than the brain reacting as it did 7000 years ago without regulation from other regions of the brain. In modern times and for us of the developed world there are clear rules we must follow and they all keep us on the path of moral goodness; that is not to say all people are not given this path just that their road is much more narrow than ours with fewer signs and rest stops. For example, people in China wishing to express their dissatisfaction with their government are imprisoned and presumably punished in the correct fashion to teach them not to question their leaders. People from Canada are normally met with many public meetings and concessions are usually made as per the will of the people. These are examples of a good and bad reaction of the government, yet the Chinese PROBABLY (emphasis mine) think Canada is wrong and vice versa. In conclusion, the power to do good or evil is within us all and is manifested in a way which supports the views and morals of the individuals culture, with the exceptions of mental instability which impair a persons ability to interpret their society as well as the rare cases of people capable of being "good" yet choosing instead to purposefully do evil things. These people, in my opinion, are the true definition of evil because they know that the norm is to respect the dignity of life yet the defy it. Sorry for the long reply, this sort of question just begs for a wall of text, plus hopefully this response will encourage others so that we can have a nice long discussion. It's particularly nice since so one can be 100% correct.

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