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A problem Solve for x, 7.3^(x-1)+5-3^(x+1)=0

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\[\huge 7.3^{x-1}+5-3^{x+1}=0\]
is that 7*3^(x-1) or (7.3)^(x-1)

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Other answers:

hmmm, doesnt look easy
do tell me..does this involve canceling 3^x-1 the solution i thought had that..
\[3^x = \frac{15}{2}\] \[x = \log_3 \frac{15}2\]
@Ishaan94 that's true if the decimal was "dot" *
Oh, my bad... so it's \[(7.3)^{x-1} + 5-3^{x+1}=0\]Hmm Now I feel stupid :/
ok I have an idea
campbell decimal point, 7.3 = 73/10
its an annoying problem. whats the bloody solution?
ln(a+b) is not the same as lna +lnb
You can't take log like that
I think 7.3 has something to do with 5, we should try to use 5
did sam leave,
wolf's answer
why did he say this is easy problem
hhe says its easy and im still stuck on first step, can i switch signs?
Who is hhe?
i meant he, meaning sam
i think this could somehow become a quadratic, with the right substitution
i don't think general method we use would work
how do you solve this 2^x - x = 2
I think we could only use newtons method......
first we approximate an answer....
i want an EXACT solution
then use the newton's method to get a better aproximation
we continue this until we're satisfied
but we can't still get the exact though :(
summon sam
currently the best way to solve is graphical method ... lol
the number 5 is irritating
i sent sam a message, he better respond .
what is classic about this problem anyway?
i assume that is \(7.3^{x-1}\) and not \(7\cdot 3^{x-1}\) so i have no ideas yet
must be something special about 7.3 that i do not see
can you guys tell me later, i gotta sleep
ok try this , let u = 3^(x+1)
i assume there is an exact solution, otherwise youve wasted my time
I can see that you guys think so hard, lol
please give us hint
Sad thing for you @perl There's no exact solution but approximation \[7.3^{x-1}=3^{x+1}-5\]
i knew that newtoms method of approximation yesterday..
from yesterday*
it would be more interesting if there was exact solution , :(
i was confused since you said it was easy problem , rats
newton's method :D
newton's method :D
ok then how is it easy to approximate?
Its easy you don't even need to think, lol
it didnt look easy on wolfram
sam , so are you going to post the solution or not. cuz im getting really tired
you can use a calculator for this. is that your 'easy' solution ?
you have to graph it for 7.3^(x-1) and 3^(x+1)-5 pick some points
1 Attachment
what program do you use to graph that?
its a tedious job though, but if you have a graphing calc, it will be fine
then why do you say its easy?^%28x-1%29%2B5-3^%28x%2B1%29%3D0
what do you mean , pick some points? estimate
yes , estimate
Newtons Method i think..
i dont think so, its just approximation problem
then what else?
anyways, the question seemed pretty ambiguous. i didnt know what they meant by 'easy'
lol, thats all? guessing?
you can use this program to graph
then you do screen capture? can state your question as finding the approximation than 'solve for x'
@Mimi_x3 yes its a bit of disappointing, but I'll come up with a new question later :)
@perl no i dont screen cap on that software
lol, i wanted to see a solution..but there is no solution *sigh*
the solution is approximation ,lol
like the working out..
Nevermind I'll come up a new one :)
Alright, please state your question correctly next time.
so you copy as a file
I think there is a confusion, he copied the problem originally with multiplication 7*3^(x-1)
c'mon i got the approximate thing using 'jugaad' :/

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