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How do u become a Moderator??? Please answer? I want to be one! :)

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I just asked this to a mod and they said it requires good behavior as well as instead of just giving answers giving help like tutoring or showing how to get the answer. :D
O I C that is cool I want to be that I do all of that already! lol
The mod I talked to was on the website for 6 months before they got moderator powers

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Other answers:

wow that si crazzy!
btw creative name and pic
Thanx U Like?
most mods take more than 6 months =))) you also have to be active in the site you know ;D participate in a lot of the things that OS gives you (btw...ive been here 6 months too so i can vouch for that it's not just time)
you could also work for OpenStudy...that gives you automatic moderatorship hehe
How do u work for Openstudy?
Well they prob have a headquarters
Huu. Idk i might just do it the long way lol.
apply for the job! haha become a staff.
ya idk do u think they pay u?
idk but it all depends
ah that would be dope!
JackHoff is right. Moderators are chosen based on how well they interact with other users on the site. We have squeaky clean abuse records, tutor and provide solutions instead of just giving answers and we tend to be experts in our subjects so we can give right answers and correct wrong answers. But it is in big part based on participation, courtesy and respect.
o i c thanx! so who picks them?
blues all I did was repeat what you told me
The site administrators pick mods. There are really three kinds of mods: group mods, global mods and administrators. Group mods have the green square but not the word "Moderator" by their name - they are the highest ranked user logged in to a specific group at a specific time. Global mods have the "moderator" logo and are green wherever we go on the site and administrative mods are the people who actually work for Open Study. @ JackHoff, I know and I gave you a medal because you said it so well. :D
i was given a warning once for trolling @blues does that disqualify me? :DDD
Don't know. It's not my decision. It's not a reason to give up all hope. I acquired a few abuse reports for various reasons, though never any warnings or other formal punishments, but they took me anyway.
hmmm. i learned too much from jag -___- haha jk jag :DDDD well im still gonna try :DD i also noticed that global mods have high levels..any reason for that? is there a requirement?
High level users are high level users because they have been on the site for a while and are active on it. We have long, proven track records of being respectful and helpful. And we plainly know our subjects so we are able to discern right answers from wrong answers. These are all qualities that make good mods. But no, I don't know that high level is a strict and absolutely necessary requirement.
group mods @blues ?
Yeah. Isn't that what I said?
hehe @blues is outdated :))
I think they have done away with group mods actually.
Wow, I totally missed that.
Sorry for the misinfo, all. Live and learn.
lol Victory! Jk!
Kit kat to you.
*eats kitkat* Yum and thanks :)
Thanks for tackling this question blues and myn. To clarify, we did away with the automatic appointment of group mods. We still have the capability to manually appoint them, but we don't have any right now - so you won't see them. Thanks again!

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