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IIT Study Group wishes all the IITJEE aspirants all the best for IITJEE. Hope OS gets filled up with IITians now.

IIT study group
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@payalvsangle , @gurvinder , @Ishaan94 , @Akshat4-10, @srinidhijha , @hkaur : All the best. Just rock.
All of you are requested to post ur experience how u attempted IITJEE, and about ur performance. At least, students like me will get benefited.
If I have left any other name of IIT aspirant, I am extremely sorry. I wish all those also all the best for the prestigious exam. :)

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Other answers:

best of luck evryone
hope my group has helped u in some way to reach ur goal
those who clears JEE are requested to also post ur ranks here !!let other users know what you are :P
srry i frgt @DHASHNI
@AravindG bhai, thanks to ur group, everyone of us is really benefited.
All the best @DHASHNI akka.
For all ur information, IITJEE solutions r going to be online from 6:00 pm onwards on 8 April. By 9 April, u can also check ur probable rank in IITJEE thru rank predictor.
Attention to all IITJEE aspirants. Please register here for detailed solutions of IIT 2012.
@shivamsinha bhai, all the best to u too!!!!!!!!!
Aravind Bhai, is "NAF" also appearing IIT?
is that free aadarsh ?
Yeah. Its free. We can also download it .
no naf is not writing
Do u know anyone else who is writing IITJEE?
i will post their names if i remembers i think we hav included evryone :P
Then it is really nice.
I will be posting some other important links also very soon.
Most welcome.
thank u guys!!!!
Most welcome!!!!!!
@Stom bhai, all the best. Please share ur experience also.
it was good
Still, ur detailed experience plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
It could have ben better
thaks guyz!!! but iit kuch khaas nahi gaya..just managed to g8 190 :P this wont g8 me a gud branch in waitin 4aieee now :P
Hope u get in aieee and other exams, @shivamsinha bhai. All the best.
If i am allowed to comment, i want to wish all the best to all those students who wrote their iit exam. Dont worry, youl come out with flying colours..:D
heyy @Aadarsh ,, where have u gone brother?? u have disappeared !!
I am alive. Life top bahut hectic ban gayi hai!!!!!!!!!!!
hota hai,, :(
hehehheeh!!!!!!!!!!!!! @hkaur ddiidi, kya hua result??????

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