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Can you think of an industry that IT does not affect? Discuss and provide specific examples and logical reasons. Before you suggest an industry that is not affected by IT, research the Internet and check if any of the following jobs exist in the industry: Network administration Security administration Database administration Software development Multimedia development

Computer Science
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No I can't. Any industry would be made up of businesses. I can't imagine a business not using IT services for billing and email these days.
About the only thing I can come up with is regional farming. Heh.
The Amish and the Luddites and those without electricity are not computerized. Computers are general purpose calculators. They can be adapted to work in any industry. But there are quite a few industries that are not computerized, almost all in poorer areas of the world.

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Other answers:

The answer to this really depends on how "affect" is defined. If it means "directly affect", i. e. the mentioned jobs exist in the industry, then there are quite a few. If it means "indirectly affect" then the answer would be "none": computers affect even regional farming indirectly, because regional farming (in a third-world country, presumably) can be affected by national farming which can be affected by international farming... you get the idea. So we assume by affect is meant "directly". Then what do you mean by "industry". Does a farmer selling rice to his village in rural India count as "industry"? The school teacher in that village? Etc. And there are plenty of industries affected by IT that don't offer any of the mentioned jobs. A bakery around the corner will not have a network administrator, but the cash register may very well have a computer inside it, and the owner may very well do his taxes on a PC.

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