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HELP ASAP. What events influenced the growth of the environmental movement in the United States? Why did the environmental movement attract many of the same people who had participated in other movements? Do you think the environmental movement has had a positive or negative effect on the United States?

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This link might help you out. It's an article from CNN that covers the history of the modern environmental movement: Events covered include the effects that DDT had on the environment and the Cuyahoga river in Ohio catching fire because it was so polluted. In 1969, the crew of a Japanese fishing vessel near Bikini Atoll were exposed to massive doses of radiation from the fallout of an H-Bomb test. The concern over the environment went on way before that, though. I think that it attracted people from other movements, like anti-nuke and people concerned over industrial waste, etc., because the environment caught all of that under one umbrella that united them in a common cause. In short, it was better to stand together than in smaller groups. The last part of the question is purely subjective. Personally, I think it helped. The EPA was established under Nixon in the early 70s and was charged with enforcing the raft of environmental laws meant to curb pollution and protect nature. It gave teeth to the government's efforts to control waste and its harmful effects, though it's also not without its own problems. Still, some things might be worse today without it or the movement. Thanks to both, quite a few problems were brought to light in the public eye.
Is what you wrote here in the link?
No, the rest was from what I researched myself. The link should give you a basic history, though, for the first part of your question.

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Okay, thank you very much. (:
You're welcome!
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