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Why do we have a Biology, and Chemistry group. They both really relate to the same thing. Why not just make a Science group for both to be included.

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Hmm, well they don't really relate to the same thing, chemisty can be used in biology in the same way that mathematics is to physics but they generally are seperate sections and cover different subjects. It may be an idea to have a seperate general science group to cover other subjects :)
yeah it would be nice to have science group so people would stop asking science questions (which are actually physics or chemistry or biology question) in computer science group lol
We have a long standing joke in science that biologists think they are molecular biologists, molecular biologists think they're biochemists, biochemists think they are organic chemists, organic chemists think they are physical chemists, physical chemists think they are physicists, physicists think they are applied mathematicians, applied mathematicians think they are real mathematicians and real mathematicians think they are God. With far reaching implications for the group arrangements on Open Study. Chemistry and biology are very different and distinct subjects. Chemistry is the study of chemical bonding patterns and molecular interactions; biology is the study of life and all living things. There is more than a little cross over at the molecular level hence the subdiscipline "biochemistry." It's subtle but you can see biology and chemistry as different ways of looking at the same phenomena from different perspectives.

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Other answers:

Hey ! Actually chemistry and biology are two different subjects with a huge gap between , so no parallel can be drawn . And having two separate groups for them , is in a way having specialization in each subject. So even by mistake , never combine the two , because they might be interrelated , but indepth very much different. Actually for analysing biology chemistry is considered fundamental , but both are independent subjects.
Blues that was a great reply! Gave me a bit of a laugh... Anyway I agree Tomas.A we need a general science group for the smaller sciences that aren't covered by current groups which generally result in questions being put in the wrong spot. There are a quite a few sciences that don't seem to fit anywhere like soil science, earth science, astronomy, geology etc.
=D Thx for the replies guys

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