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3x + y = 4 2x + y = 4 (Points : 4) (1, 7) (0, 4) (3, 12) (3, 13) Answer now please???

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This one too please i would aprisiat it a lot. 2. Use the graph to state the solution for the system. x + 2y = 4 (line a) 3x 2y = 4 (line b) (Points : 4) (2, 1) (2, 1) (2, 1) (2, 1)
really I have no freakin clue what you r doin I'm just finishing lines and intercepts

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Other answers:

The answer to the first one is b but i don't know for the second one
thanks 4 the help
your welcome
did u use linear combination??? enter your problems in that CCA?
what does it do?
it calculates the problem and gives you the answer, given that you write your problem in correctly
freak love you too and your welcome for trying
lol thanx JD I got the second aswer too
this would b one solution right?? . How many solutions are there to the following system of equations? 4x 8y = 0 3x + 8y = 7 (Points : 4) 0 1 2 infinitely many
would it be one solution or 2???
3x + y = 4 2x + y = 4 answer is (0,4)
do u kno if the 3rd one is one or 2 solutions?
btw thanx
what are they
linear combination for the 3r done and that is the next one i need.
i think that one might be 2 cause u get the answer for x and y so wouldnt that b 2?
yes.. but i dont understand the other 2 ? yu ask
i got help with those so that is ok i appreciate the help[ with that one tho.. I might have more give me just one second.
oh ok and yu welcome
can u help with this one? Solve the following system of equations. d + e = 6 d e = 4 (Points : 4) (3, 1) (5, 1) no solution infinite number of solutions
i think its no solution
ok thanxs i might have a couple more lol hold on
Actually u helped me with all that u could thanx I really do appreciate the help and if i could give u more than one medal i would.
lol you welcome.. i like helping
6. Each child ticket for a ride costs $2, while each adult ticket costs $6. If the ride collected a total of $148, and 38 tickets were sold, how many of each type of ticket was sold? (Points : 4) 20 children and 18 adults 19 children and 19 adults 14 children and 20 adults 148 adults and 38 children Can any one help please?
20 children and 18 adults
r u sure?
20*$2 18*$6 $40 + $108 = $148
In a recent golf match, Tiger's score was 4 less than Phil's score. Their combined scores totaled 140. Which of the following pairs of equations can be used to determine their scores? Let p represent Phil's score and t represent Tiger's score. (Points : 4) p + 140 = t p = 4 p + t = 140 p + t = 4 p + t = 140 p t = 4 p t = 140 p + t = 4 What about this one???
Btw thanx didierdre
The answer to 1. is (0, 4)
i got all of those i need help on the most resent one ^
Okay I try
do u kno this one ^
Which equation will result if the substitution method is used to solve the following system of linear equations? x + y = 6 x = y + 5 (Points : 4) x + y = y + 5 (y + 5) + y = 6 x + (y + 5) = 6 x = (x 6) + 5 wb this one to?????
I got the other one i need help[ on this one ^
It would be p + t = 140 p+t = 4
ok how would i graph this? and thank u
x + 2y = 2 4x y = 4
graph that ^
For the recent one it would be (y + 5) + y = 6
kk do u know how to graph this x + 2y = 2 4x y = 4
No im not sure how to grpah that. Sorry
it ok thanx for all of ur help btw r u sure on all of ur answers. I just want to make sure I got them right???
Yes im sure.. And your very welcome =)
i just submited the tesat and I got a c on it I might need help holdon 1 second!
that si all thanks for ur help.
You can send them to me my inbox if you need more help

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