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UPDATE: So, our official launch of SmartScore will be Tuesday, April 17th - but we'll be releasing a 'soft-launch' of SmartScore before then (we'll let you know as soon as the hour draws close ;). So... we'll need your help/support on getting the word out about Smart Score. We're hoping to have two pushes - one on Monday, and then we'd love to have everyone 'Share' at the same time on Tuesday (for the launch), and then throughout the day. We're updating the 'Share' buttons as we speak - so why not test em out? ;) SmartScore is coming! And it will change EVERYTHING (in a good way, we promise). Be sure to read Dr. Preetha Ram's blog ( ) for details! Also, feel free to ask any questions you may have here - we're REALLY excited about this, and we're making a big public announcement about it next Tuesday, April 17th. So ask questions, tell your friends, and see how YOU can be involved in SmartScore!

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404 Error, yo.
Mmm...and which is going to be the use of smartscore outside of internet? (for example, if i apply to MIT, will smartscore system help me?)
good link

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Other answers:

I can't speak for any collaboration between MIT and OpenStudy, but I am fairly certain that, as is, MIT will see SmartScore as an extracurricular activity. That is to say, it (obviously) will not carry the same weight as your SAT/ACT scores. Although, funnily enough, I don't think they care that much either about your SAT/ACT scores anyways.
Remember to be excited :P
Hey everyone, good points here (and VERY good point about the link - I fixed that). So, the idea of SmartScore is to provide a quantifiable metric of your 'soft skills' - specifically your ability to work in teams, your level of passion when approaching a subject (your engagement in a topic basically), and your ability to problem solve. We're not going to replace or supplant things like SAT/ACTs or other standardized tests. The goal here is to provide both colleges and employers insight into your ability with regards to the above-mentioned 'soft skills' - things that typically have never been measured. Basically, when you apply to a college or job - they measure these skills based on an essay and/or interview. SmartScore will act as a differentiator in situations like this - out of 1,000 applicants, how do they pick the ones they actually accept? Or meet for an interview? THIS is where SmartScore will help you. Also, in response to @badreferences mention about 'extra-curricular' - you are correct. And colleges (and employers) actually value those as part of their selections processes. For example, the fact that I played collegiate athletics and was a member of certain academic groups was looked upon favorably by my first employer. Keep up the discussion though! Great points/questions so far! (*especially* the one about the link ;)
Mmm...and all US colleges are going to accept SmartScore as part of extracurricular things?
I needz this stuff :P
Who does "we" refer to in "we promise"
so this "SmartScore" will benefit all users of OpenStudy right? I mean it has influence over a lot of countries...
lol won't benefit me, my real person is not linked to this account. :(
Darn you West Point for making me delete Facebook!
so this @badreferences is just a figment of our imagination huh. you are just an AI -___-
Yes, I've got the same question as Igba's. Do the employers know about this SmartScore system? How will this help non-US students?
I cant w8 for SmartScore =D
I continue without understanding exactly what this will be...i think I will need to wait until it is out...
Whats Smartscore @cshalvey ?????
Read up @anjali_pant
This is so cool! Can't wait to see this and share!
I read , but couldnt understand much from it ! How would indian students benefit from it ? @apoorvk
What a bombshell :P cant wait, this is going to be the future, now i feel random. Keep up the good work guys and ladies
@cshalvey I didnt really understand what SmartScore is.. What exactly is it? How will it help here in the US?? Is this only through OS, or is SmartScore universally accepted?
Basically we need a dumb person like me to explain it, Smart Score, will score you on your skills not on math or other subjects but personality skills like if your good at teamwork are you passionate about something, do you work hard to achieve something. This can then be used on your applications to college's and jobs
So how does OS come into this?
These Scores are gonna be taken on OS my question which i asked was is this scoring gonna be done manually or by computer should finish the answer to your question
I hope i got it right, but if i didnt im dumb so no comment on that
My main complaint about SmartScore is that I'll get a terrible score. D:
we have same complaints @badreferences maybe we can write a petition :C
So... the soft version is now online?
No, sorry - not yet. We ran into a couple of hurdles, and should be pushing that update at some point tonight (we hope). You should see an update notice when it happens!
Aha! Thanks :)
So for right now this isnt PERMANENT. Just something of a test. Mainly to try it out.
My profile is showing an option of smart score where out of 92 , points are allotted based on problem solving and other criteria ! What does this mean ? Is 92 my avg smartscore ? And is this smartscore applicable in india ?
I'm sooo exciteeed! I got invited to the partay
whats partay ? @rebecca
the one for the 17th lols
oh sorry party...just having fun on OS :p lols
lol ! Yea we all will for sure ! cya tom ! :-)
How does an algorithm on a machine measure personality and passion? Is that really possible? If so, is such a rating valid and accurate?
Hey @Directrix - well, the algorithm measures personal interactions and relationships (as much as possible). With that said, there will never be a perfect solution, but we are striving to make it as accurate and realistic as possible. Which means you'll be seeing a lot of updates/tweaks to the score as we go.
@cshalvey I have a question about Medals. I remember I had over 170 medals in Biology but now it says I have 87. Why?
Hey @LiliaKarina - so we've changed the way the medals are accounted so that's why you see your count go down. However, we still give you credit towards your SmartScore for every interaction you have - so even though you have fewer medals, you still get credit for the answers you gave.
Hm I have a concern here, now in the absence of good question option,how are we going to reward good questions?
Okay, @cshalvey , thanks. That's what I wanted to know :)
@FoolForMath currently there isn't a way to, other than replying to their question. We'll be evaluating how to do that over the next week or so.

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