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I luv music!!!!!!!! :)

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Amen to that
lol. Ya buddy. If u were to pick between Eminem and Lil Wayne who is better?? Answer this correctly and I will give u a medal.
Think long and hard lol

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Other answers:

Skillet is better than both
GASP NO MEDAL FOR U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Between both of them who is better now answer correctly!!!!!
lil wayne
I like both:) just saying
ok but since u have to choose one who would it be???????????
um. Lil Wayne probably haha:)
I can sing drop the world word for word
R u a good singer or what??
same here i love dat song!!!!!
i can rap real well!
sorta not really rapper thats it
haha i always wanted to rap but i can't:(
ya buddy!
I luv rappin!
practice that's all ya need
i wish i could the same about rapping:)
ya true story there hommy!
ya baby fosho
My friend even tried to help me learn i just can't do it lol:)
honey it's easy can you talk fast
i right rap too...
talkin fast and rymin that is all it is!
ya i can talk fast:) kind of:)
ok just find a song that you like and start sayin the words really fast and you rappin
Oh ok:) i will do it later i am in class:)
ya I know you are rebel child
it helps if u go to you tube and type in the name of the song and do it with the lyrics cause then u can just follow along!
ok? whatever. MY teacher is so pissed at me right now haha:)
ha lol
haha to u to:)
she is right that's what I did to get started or google the lyrics and copy them to a word doc. and do it that way
I will try later just not now:(
ya wait till after school or something
hey bieberlove love do u really like Justin bieber thats wrong:(
duh:) i'll wait til after school
jd u bout ready to go into class. dont leave this sigt just in case i gt boored in class but ya i will be in there shortly k?
ya she does it's sick right just wrong
not really wanting to go to class but ok
ya it is way sick and just wrong he sounds like a girl and he is soooooo gay haha:) not to be mean or anything
I agree but I got to go so I'll come check on ya everyonce in a while so if you want to send mesages to me that works
lol its all good i am ok with peeps sayin what they want every body has an opinion lol
especially me she puts up wit it
dats right lol
OK cool:)
love ya baby girl ;)
who r u talking 2??
Bieberlove why
idk im bored!
aren't we all;)
Jason pick Lil wayne or Eminem!
bad boy;)
ha lol
yes haha urself Jason haha:)
Jason you crazy
Ya he is haha:) but he is funny
i confuzled
hey I told ya I'd check up on ya
u r confused about what Jason;)
lol wow jd
everything... as always
what huh you wanna go lets go I'm buyin
Of course u r jason;)
ok boy lets go
1 Attachment
ya buddy lol
Brianna you hi girl I swear
1 Attachment
this one is way better lol
u guys r just to wierd lol:)
Jason eat than:)
i find that offensive my race prefers the word socially awkward
sorta ya know whats better nwa with shotguns and aks that's what my profile pic is
u don't make any sense Jason:)
ya kno what mwa stands for and what it is
='/ yeah ..i know
waht r u going to do about it that Jason haha:) jk
thats right lol
1 Attachment
go ahead than nobody is watching haha;)
ok Jason what is it then
I am not:) why would i :0
im hungry and i dont have food...
than get some:)
i dont have a car
really? that sucks I have a motorcycle well its my dads but he lets me drive it sometimes:)
cool...dont see how that helps me but ok XD
just saying u really don't have a car that really sucks i got my first car when i was 15 lol
cool we dont have the money f
you guys are lucky you can drive my life sucks
i still dont have my lisence though
i am sorry:(
What??? u made me confused wouldnt under stand .....the future
the future haha
ya I'm bored
I am fricken boored
man tyga and wiz khalifa kill both lill wayne and eminem

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