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is my answer right? Stephanie’s teacher gave her the following figure and asked her to provide a statement that would guarantee lines a and b are parallel. Which statement should Stephanie use to prove that lines a and b are parallel? Answer ∠2 = 60° ∠4 = 60° ∠5 = 120° ∠3 = 120° i said option two for my answer i will put the drawing up to.

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Did you have tis question before? Diana and Joby wrote the following proofs to prove that vertical angles are congruent. Who is correct?

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Other answers:

yeahh i just answered that one where diana and joby had the two charts i am able to re-do these assighnments 3 times i had a similar question to this my first time around but im not so sure if i remember well enough to have aplied it the right way this time which is why i was wondering if i got it right its either the second or third i think
Could you check to see that the answer was?
no not after i have re-opened the assignment unless i left it open in anbother tab but i accidentally exited out of it before i could look back over what was wrong and right
Well you can't open it up in my grades?
hmmm let me try
no... it just takes me to what im currentlt working on not what my previous grade was since im working on it now
oohh so you didn't finisht he assignment
no i did i just cant look at my grade and review my last assignment after i re-open it to re-do it.
Ohh ok. well do you have any idea about what it might be?
yeahh. i think it's option two but im not positive.. thats why i was asking if my answer was right or not. Do you know?
find the angle that corrresponds with the 120
ok thank-you exactly what i needed to know about the corresponding angles!! =)
yes 5 sorry I was reading something
it's ok and thank-you =)
who is your FLVS instructor?
haha Mrs. Hoag she is a really great teacher i just wanna re-do some things before i call her. ( first yr being homeschooled =p)
ohhh i gotcha!! thi s my 3rd
ooh do you like it?
Yea its pretty cool. About how I will graduate it is still really nice
ooh yeahh i mean im glad i will be finishing early i mean this week or next i should be completly done with three of my classes which is great but i miss everyone all my friends so im looking forward to being able to go to an actual hs
ha! yeaa thats what a lot of people say. I mean I still contact them and go out when I can... but yea
same but still i like the idea of being able to meet new people everyday again aha ... ima bit of a social butterfly...
I bet!
do you like music? classical preferably
i love music its always on when im working haha and yeahh i geuss . depends on what it is and all why
Because thats what I like. just asking
Well this is an interesting conversation :3
lol ^^^ =)

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