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Does my toddler need to drink milk?

Health Sciences
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he/she should.. breast feeding is best in my eyes..but bottle feeding is fine as well :)
of course.but you did not mention your child age. well we consider toddler as 1-3 .so they need milk as a plant need water.
What about babies who have allergies to milk? Or those that do not like the taste of it? Why do you think that milk is so important?

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Other answers:

if they are allergic to milk or lactose tolerant, the can drink soy milk or artificial milk.
And if the baby drinks soy or artificial milk does he/she get the same nutrients it would from regular milk?
Giving natural breastmilk to toddlers has a prolonged effect on the development of the immunesystem.
Well you can buy lactose free powder formulas for the baby and I believe that way the baby would get all the nutrients that they need. I am not an expert on this but I hope this will help you.
I was only breastfed up to about six months. It's completely just a preference, The child might still need milk for the calcium (helping building bones, teeth, etc.) but you could opt for calcium rich vitamins.
you should just talk to your doctor if your baby is alergic to milk..
do you feed your toddler anything other than breastmilk because it's a fact that we don't absorb all the calcium in cow's milk -especially if pasteurized-. cow's milk is made for calves; and today's milk is mostly all processed.
Honey their are many things that we eat to stay healthy.OK , if you don't like taste then you can add some flavor in it like Milo, chocolate or vanilla.But body structure , your all bones, need it to grow as well as to stay health and strong.Another option is cheese, yogurt so instead of milk you can use them and ice cream also.

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