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find out the possible blood groups and genotypes of the children of following parents:(a)Mr.x=O group Mrs.x=B group (b)Mr.y=A Mrs.y=AB (c)Mr.z=A Mrs.z=A

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Please wait for few minutes. I am posting the complete details.
Answer (a): Father's blood group = "O" Group Mother's blood group = "B" group

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Other answers:

Father's possible genotype: |dw:1334298633463:dw| Mother's possible genotype: |dw:1334298658444:dw|, and also |dw:1334298679874:dw|
During crossing, child's possible genotypes are : |dw:1334298831218:dw|(in all cases)
Answer (b): Father's Blood Group: "A" group Mother's Blood Group : "AB" Group
Father's Genotype: |dw:1334299040437:dw|, and also |dw:1334299090924:dw|
Now, mother's genotype: |dw:1334299220831:dw|
Child's possible genotype: |dw:1334299524607:dw| and also|dw:1334299558381:dw|
cross kaise karengen mje method btae yhi nhn a rha
Ji suniye. I am posting the diagram.
|dw:1334299898020:dw| This is just a sample I have shown.
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@eashmore , @Diyadiya , @Phascolarctos please help and explain her.
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Here we go, I suggest you read that carefully and cross out. Post where you are stuck.
in this link there is just explanation not my answer
Yes, you must first understand how the system works and then solve your question yourself.
i want ti know about crossing
Here we go then Chapter 5
what dont you understnad about crossing?
Aadarsh, how can i help?
Ok did you understand the genotype of these blood groups?
i want to know about crossing
how they crossed
Have you done through that text? I suggest you go through section 5.2.
where is section 5.2?
Ok so for the first part Father is O grp & Mother is B grp case 1 . when Mother is Homozygus (both genes same) |dw:1334303625795:dw| O is recessive and can be expressed only in the homozygus condition so here B is dominant over O So children can have only B group
well, each parent gives one of the possible blood gropu alleles to the offspring. You know the possibilites are six: AA, AB, AO, BB, BO, OO. because there are three alleles in human populations. so one comes from mother and other from father and i saw the drawings of Aadarsh they seem correct. This is a typical example of polymorphism for the alleles or different versions of a locus or the same: a gene.
tell me if this helps a little, if not i try harder :-)
\[I^o \text{can also be written as i}\]
ok thnxx everyone
Most welcome

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