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Release: April 16, 2012 (part deux)

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First round of fixes and tweaks, folks. - Your current SmartScore now shows up as the last point on your profile's historical SmartScore graph. - Subcategory boxes on your profile are now the same height. - Added some press to the press page. - Long words no longer screw up the description in your profile. - Some more small styling fixes. - Change the SmartScore formula to improve the distribution. Note that the SmartScore formula change is going to result in some pretty big drops for a lot of users. We'll be importing updated historical scores in a bit, so don't panic about any plots that show drastic drops or such, the historical data will look better when we're done migrating it again. Generally speaking, after the SmartScore formula has settled a bit more, we won't be updating historical data when the formula changes—everyone will simply be affected equally by the changes. However, since we're making some pretty big adjustments this time, we're going to go ahead and fix the historical data, too. Booyakacha!
Should be able to bump this one as many times as possible, just make this one bounce! feury to the rescue!
It should be noted that @mattfeury absolutely did not steal the above from me. At all.

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Other answers:

AMG also @farmdawgnation totally fixed the clicking in mentions dropdowns because he's awesome like that.
Even the "Booyakacha!"?
Thx. :D
Nah, he threw that in so it didn't look like it was mine ;)
Just got away with it then :P
What is this=>Added some press to the press page.
Open2Study, we were featured in a few news items that weren't listed on the press page, so we added those links:
Of course, you may need to copy and paste that link. heh. Dispatch appears to be trying to handle it manually. o.O
Thank you, @farmdawgnation, for making sure the press was updated :D :D
I dont know who to give the medal too :P
sometimes it's best to go with the least obvious choice @SchoolSlacker *points to self*
Omg, i am like becoming color blind with the new changes, but still, i think its great! Also, i noticed i was like doubled up on my score, i had like 38 before and now i have like 65. Im a little confused with that, im guessing its the SmartScore, and also, i am liking the Best Answer question and the fact that you can Undo. So much has changed, but for the better, great job team!!!!
Is the smart score distribution a bell curve, or is it skewed? If it's a bell curve, what is the mean and standard deviation? I want to know my z-score.
We're not releasing those details at this time, SmoothMath, sorry. :)
@SmoothMath Them z-scores. :P I sense a petition: "Make it so that our z-score is displayed, not our SmartScore!"
Ahahaha. Yussss. I just want to be able to calculate what percentage of users I am better than. =D
Thanks for the update.... Always keeping OS primed and at top speed. It's nice to know that OS keeps getting better and better!

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