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can someone please give me at least 12 things which occured from 1920 - 1930

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Stock Market Crash - 1929.
the new deal
1.great reccesion. 2.rise in population in the world. war came to an end. 4.rise of new ideologies. 5.rise of dictatorship. 6.rise of nationalism . 7.people became aware of the term freedom. 8.rise of national moments. 9.rise of new philosophers . 10.rise of new countries like USA and JAPAN.

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Other answers:

@ashwin 3 is wrong. WWI ended in 1918. Also, how does 10 work? The USA was far from new in 1918. And dictatorship wasn't new either.
about 3.i actually meant about the effect which lasted for 2 more years.about the tenth one i would say that it the peak point for the power of USA and JAPAN during 1920's,1918 could be considered as the takeoff time.about dictatorship,it took time for dictators to come in power,like hitler came in 1933's...i hope this may satisfy you...
The effects of the war lasted until long after wwii because the reparations of wwi are what bankrupted Germany and caused a lot of the people to feel as they did and led to Hitler's coming to power and doing what he did. It was directly related to WWI. And there were dictators going as far back as the 5th century BCE in Rome. Ceasar was a dictator. Napolean was a dictator. Even since 1900 there were dictators in South America and Asia pre-WWI. Hitler and Stalin were far from the first, not even the first since 1900.
i can't argue with you .....i am fine with my point of view ,and you with yours...:-)thank you friend..

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