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how is sociology utilized by a politican for his election ?
Introduction to Sociology - NYU Open Education
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Hi Ashwin, long time no see. ;) Sociology is the study of society, and a campaigning politician would use his knowledge of societal norms and culture to make strategic decisions about which issues to promote (or avoid) and how to communicate with the public.
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I am not sure that many of them use overt sociology, but he may have a working understanding of sociology as it is related to his development of his political views. Barack obama has an extensive background in sociology, specifically stratification. They all may have researchers used to uncover trends, especially the less principled ones. Actually sociology is more beneficial than Political Science, and the understanding of society could immensely benefit him. I am not sure than many of them have a great sociological understanding however, especially the very pro capitalist strand of the republican party.

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