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SmartScore is kinda confusing me still. Does our SmartScore decrease by neglecting a subject such as "Teamwork, Problem Solving and Engagement", Also, I noticed that we are the same level on EVERY subject which i think is awesome! One more tiny question: How often do our SmartScores increase or decrease?

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Hey Goodman, great questions. We're going to be publishing an FAQ soon for you guys. I believe the first question has already been answered, so I'll look for that for you. The SmartScore changes based on your interactions on the site and everybody else's interactions as well!
Here is @dpflan's answer to an earlier question, and he can help you more: Technically, we generate a raw score from analysis of your actions on the site. Every user gets a raw score, then your raw score is compared to those of your peers. This then yields the relative score that you actually see. Your score can then decrease if your peers are doing more actions that increase their scores, primarily, if those users with raw scores less than yours who then for example help people on the site and increase their scores, surpassing yours. Your score may have dropped since the launch because we tweaked the algorithm to generate the score from the raw scores. The best way to improve your score is to continue to the use the site, helping and asking questions. If you have more questions, please ask!
I'll add that your SmartScore is recalculated whenever you do just about anything. How often it goes up or down depends on other users, and how far up you are (i.e., it is much harder to get from a score of 89 to one of 90 than it is to get from a score 35 to one of 36).

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Other answers:

So, basically, we are being judged against our peers on our scores? Or are we being hand graded by you guys? Still confused on who calculates our scores.. But also, if we dont do much on the site or we dont come online for a long time, does that affect our scores as well? Thanks :D
ahhh this related scoring is kind of familiar...they sometimes do this in IQ tests right? they compare your score to other people...then your score is kind of like how many people you are better at..or something like that..
The scoring is calculated by an algorithm that we created
Will we ever come to know what this algorithm is or is based on?
Later this week more will be revealed
ooohhhh suspense *cue music*
Ohh, okie, i will wait :D I wonder what kinda secrets hehehe.
And yes, it is a relative score in two components.
Two components? I thought it was 3? Teamwork, Problem Solving and Engagement? Does that mean our scores are gonna change again?
In two dimensions. Each of the three subcategories you mention is scored within its own scale, and the main SmartScore is calculated in its own scale as well. Each of these has two different distributions that are taken into account.

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