• anonymous
OpenStudy, please consider iPad compatibility. An iOS app would be awesome, but atleast make the website compatible on the iPad. Currently its really difficult to access OpenStudy on the iPad - many formatting issues arise...
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  • Stacey Warren - Expert
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  • schrodinger
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  • anonymous
@Study23 Believe me when I say that it is in our pipeline. WHEN I couldn't say. Farmdawg actually spent some time working on the iPad so that it would work a bit better for when we needed to do demos on the fly. Currently we've been focused on the SmartScore and performance issues. There's still going to be some focus on both of those, of course, but then we'll be sitting down as a company and looking at what's next, including improvements to the SmartScore and mobile apps & compatibility. Trust me, it's something the team wants just as much as the users!
  • mattfeury
Yes, we plan to put some heavy focus into the mobile version of the site starting in the next few weeks. Long overdue, indeed, but we've obviously had growing pains on PCs so we had to spend some good time fixing those up (of course, we're still going to be working on improving performance on the main site).
  • anonymous
Is the ipad app out yet... I still have not seen it on the app store

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